My Glofish Danio Is Swimming Weirdly


First off I'm sorry if I seem a little panicked, it's because I am.
I was scrubbing algae off the glass with a toothbrush and everyone looked normal. Then one of my fish starts swimming on her side, twirling as she swims, doing all sorts of weird stuff. My first thought was swim bladder disorder, but when I think about it she was fairly close to the toothbrush when she started swimming like this, so now I'm wondering if maybe I caught her fin with it by accident. I'm trying to get a better look at her to see if there's fin damage, but she's so fast I can hardly get a close look.
I feel terrible about it. I really love my fish and I don't want to see them in pain or upset.
So my question is what do I need to do about this? Do I need to quarantine? And if so could that wait for about another week? My old QT broke and I'm also broke and can't afford another tank until payday.
Edit: I was able to get her into a little container and I saw she wasn't moving one of her fins. So it looks like it is my fault, which I feel terrible about, but I guess at least now I know it's not an issue with her swim bladder.


Hi, probably nothing to worry about, keep your water really clean & parameters good it it will probably heal by itself.

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