My Ghost Shrimp has disappeared

Discussion in 'Ghost Shrimp' started by Shabnam, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Shabnam

    ShabnamNew MemberMember

    Hi there
    1 week ago- i decided to get three ghost shrimp for my 50 litre tank- there are no fish- only plants. Well yesterday I checked and the 1.5 inch one (the biggest one) has disappeared, I cant find him anywhere - not on the ground (although the tank is covered) or anywhere. The other two (itty and twitty) are both tiny, so they couldnt eat him- but he has just gone! :eek:
    Has anything like this ever happened to anybody here- I feel terrible. I really like him. clear.gif
  2. Gunnie

    GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    Are you sure he didn't jump up out of the tank? I've had quite a few do this. They are also great escape artists, and sometimes they can disappear for days, and then all of a sudden there they are.
  3. OP

    ShabnamNew MemberMember

    well, he could have jumped- but its a very covered tank- and i checked everywhere on thefloor, under rugs, carpets, everyones shoes- i looked at the plants - etc. AM not sure if he has buried himself- but I dont know. I will leave it for a few days and see if he turns up, if not - I will get a few more. Incidently this is my first time keeping them, what foods would you reccomend and also- they are so curious- they come when I go near the tank and wave their tentacles around (hopefully this is a friendly behavior and not threatening)
  4. Gunnie

    GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    I love ghost shrimp! They will eat anything that makes it to the bottom of the tank. You can drop down veggie wafers since there are no fish in the tank, or even just a small pinch of flakes. They are scavengers and eat whatever they can find.
  5. FishFan

    FishFanValued MemberMember

    Well-this past weekend-I couldn't (for the life of me) find my little frogs!!! My neighbor even came over & lifted all my rocks (decorations) while I searched! Nothing!!! So-all of a sudden-one pops out of nowhere and we located the other under a fake plant! Now-all of a sudden, I find them out now & then. In a 55 gallon tank, a red-tailed shark & a large Angel (amongst others), I suppose they were probably scared to death! But now, since they see everything is safe, they've been coming out more. As for the Ghost Shrimp...I bought 4 and sadly, only 1 made it :( But, I also LOVE them!!! They are small & clear, so very hard to find. Also-if you do have plants, I could almost bet they are hiding-unseen to you-in your plants! Mine likes to climb up my plants after feeding time. They are one of the neatest creatures in my tank! I'd love to get a bunch more, but I worry about them when I vac my tank :( Good luck!!! Keep us updated! (Oh, and if you do find one dead, they actually look like they've been cooked-all pink & white-kinda gross, but my snails think they're yummy :p)
  6. OP

    ShabnamNew MemberMember

    Hi there
    The disappearing shrimp has not showed up- so have given up. I bought some algae wafers for the other two - and they love it.
    Also put the wafers in my other tank- and now my golden gourami stands guard over it :)-))
    thank you for your help :)
  7. onelovie

    onelovieValued MemberMember

    I have one ghost shrimp in my 10 gallon tank. I've had him for pretty close to a year. He goes missing for a week at a time regularly! I always think he's probably died and next time I clean the tank, he pops out from hiding. He's a curious little bugger, so if I ever want to find him, all I have to do is move stuff around or do a water change! I wouldn't give up hope on him yet!
  8. wolfman21

    wolfman21Valued MemberMember

    That's happened to me, too. I have had a ghost shrimp that disappeared for over a week. He hides, and then comes out. For feeding, they will basically eat anything, they are excellent scavengers. They are so fun to watch. I fed my fish bloodworms and one of the ghost shrimp walked up a plant, swam to the surface and swam upside-down just below the surface to catch one of the bloodworms for himself. They are funny. ;D What kind of substrate do you have? Gravel or sand, or both? They actually prefer sand so they can burrow, so if that's the case or if the gravel is small enough, the little guy may just be burrowing. Hope he shows up.
  9. Tom

    TomFishlore VIPMember

    What time did you find it was missing?
  10. wolfman21

    wolfman21Valued MemberMember

    I just looked into the tank for the ghost shrimp counting them and noticed that one was gone. Then a couple days later he was out again
  11. loubie

    loubieNew MemberMember

    I have actually just had 2 shrimps missing - they still are! They disappeared on Friday and haven't been seen since. I take it that I would notice them easily if they had died?
  12. vin

    vinWell Known MemberMember

    They'll hide for days... We've got two....They disappeared for a couple of days and this morning, there they were. :D
  13. VertigoXLR8R222

    VertigoXLR8R222Valued MemberMember

    i also have two the first nite i had them they both were on top of the same plant just looking around i guess then they got down and went exploring and i haven't seen both of them at the same time since days go by that i don't see either of them but when they do appear i spend a little while watching them and i feed them trying to coax them into staying out front more often they are very interesting and i think i have a breeding pair the larger one has her swimmerettes full of eggs i estimate around thirty to forty i know they wont last past the benthic stage but i am still excited keep your fingers crossed that you see my WOOHOOO and tell you i found a crew of little shrimp (haha no pun intended) in my tank or the catch bin of my vacuum if i do i plan on setting a tank specifically for them and maybe add a Betta as a pet for them to look at like a fish flower Lee
  14. lyndatu

    lyndatuValued MemberMember

    We've been in the same situation, my friend! I have 2 of these ghosties and the other one was so healthy that it left the tank! We found it the next morning, dead!:eek: A few weeks later, my other shrimp disappeared, too! But this time, we didn't find the body. Just then, my platy died! Everyone around me keeps dying!
  15. shellbell4ever

    shellbell4everWell Known MemberMember

    I just got 3 ghost shrimp last Saturday,Sunday 1 was dead,monday I could see both in different areas of the tank,tuesday I could only find 1,and then today I can't find any :( I did my scheduled tank vac & water change, removed plants and decor for a rincing,and still no shrimp?where could it be?