My German Blue Might Have Ich Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by spike98, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. spike98Valued MemberMember

    I recently got a German Blue and after adding him to my tank I realized he had 2 to 3 White dots on him. They seemed raised off the skin and alittle like salt. I uploaded two photos of the previous day from an older post that seems to not be getting any traffic. The largest spot on his side near the gills seems to be missing today and I recently turned the heat up and I am slowly approaching 86 or 87 degrees. I plan to do a water change incase this was a spore dropping off. Just wanted second opinions on if this is ICH or not. The first two photos are from the previous post and the last one was just taken and you can see the large spot is missing.

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  2. finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    I believe your right. It does look like ich to me. I would treat the whole tank with an ich treatment. Ick is a paracite so you need an antiparacitic medication like API Ich cure. It won't harm the biological filtration in your tank.

  3. spike98Valued MemberMember

    From some research on previous post I read you could use high heat and 2-3 water changes a week for 2 weeks to remove ich naturally as it can't reproduce at higher heat levels. I don't know if that is exactly correct but I want to try this method as I have a bamboo shrimp and plants that I don't want to harm.

  4. IHaveADogTooWell Known MemberMember

    Yes, I believe that is ich, and the one spot disappearing was indeed a spore dropping off. Which means the ich is in your substrate now, and maybe already infecting other fish. You'll only see white spots at the end of the parasite's life cycle.

    Treat the whole tank.

    This is why you quarantine new fish before putting them in the main tank. Lesson learned, right? I learned this same lesson this same way.
  5. spike98Valued MemberMember

    Got to excited to add my last fish and now I got a parasite to deal with but hopefully I can stop this before it starts to spread rapidly

    Is API ich cure safe for plants and shrimp. If not any medication you know that is safe for them? I hope the heat method works at stopping the spread and hopefully the ich all together but I would like a backup.
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  6. finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    So did I when I had to treat my angelfish tank when I put a blue Gourami in there that died 2 weeks later from hole in the head disease. I didn't quarantine him and had to treat my whole tank with PraziPro.
  7. IHaveADogTooWell Known MemberMember

    @finnipper59 suggested API ich cure, which is a good product. I don't know about how compatible it is with bamboo shrimp, though.

    I'm personally very familiar with the heat and aquarium salt method, but again, I don't know if that would negatively effect your bamboo shrimp. My ghost shrimp lived through it.

    No matter which treatment method you choose, continue the treatment for a full week after the last white spot disappears, to ensure all the spores are dead.
  8. finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    I just did a little research. One post said he was successful with treating with super ich cure at 1/2 strength without harming his shrimp. Another post said that no ich cure is safe for shrimp or snails because they are inverts and that ich are inverts as well. So getting the ich treatment for your tank may turn out to be a gamble.
  9. spike98Valued MemberMember

    I'll attempt the heat treatment first with maybe some light salt and if I still see the ich spreading I'll try ich cure at half dose. So far I haven't seen any new spots but the as pore did just drop today or last night. I'll write any updates if things get better or worse.
  10. finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    There have been successful cures with hobbyist raising the temperature to 86 degrees F and adding salt to the tank. The rate of salt wasn't much, just 1 tsp per 5 gallons. The treatment stage was for a duration of at least 10 days. If you do raise the tank to 86 do it slowly.
  11. spike98Valued MemberMember

    I started raising them temp last night and tried for 2 degrees every hour as that was what I would see in forums with similar situations. For the salt should I place it in a mesh bag as I have cories and I don't know if they'll try and eat it
  12. IHaveADogTooWell Known MemberMember

    Buy aquarium salt. Not epson salt. Not table salt. Not sea salt. Not marine salt. Aquarium salt.

    Dissolve the salt before adding it to the tank. Remove some water from the tank and dissolve the salt in that completely before putting it back in the tank. DO NOT ADD UNDISSOLVED SALT TO THE TANK.
  13. spike98Valued MemberMember

    Okay thanks for the heads up. I actually bought api aquarium salt with the ram as I wanted to have some medical items around incase I needed them.
  14. IHaveADogTooWell Known MemberMember

    I forgot to mention, slowly add the salt water mix to the tank. Over several hours. If you can use a drip method, that would be best. If not, add a turkey baster full of the salt water every 20 minutes. Just dumping the salt water in can shock the fish.
  15. StarGirl15Valued MemberMember

    I read conflicting things on the Ich medication with inverts too. Since I have snails I did the heat trick and it worked like a charm.
  16. spike98Valued MemberMember

    Okay, thanks again on the advice. Also glad the heat method has work for others.
  17. spike98Valued MemberMember

    Well it's weird to think it but the ich actually helped me alittle. While i was raising my temp I noticed my thermometer wasn't going past 84 but my heater was set at 86 and the heaters light was off. Luckly I had an extra thermometer to use as after I took the old one out I saw that it wouldn't go lower than 79 or higher than 84. Now that I know these glass thermometers can go bad I'll be looking into a digital thermometer for future temperature monitoring.
  18. spike98Valued MemberMember

    Most visible signs of ich are off of my German Blue besides a slight white spot on his dorsal fin where a more prominent spot used to be. Probably no where near out of the clear but if the heat keeps the ich from reproducing it should be mostly a waiting game from here.
  19. spike98Valued MemberMember

    Alittle more than half way through heat treatment and I see zero signs of ich in my tank and the German Blue looks completely clean. Should be good to turn the heat down July 3. Thanks for all the help everyone.
  20. spike98Valued MemberMember

    The ich completely disappeared and started changing the temp but sadly the German Blue has passed. Don't know if the temp change did it but I was only turning down 2 or 3 degrees each day. Maybe it was the switching of my filters but I kept the largest hob running and all the possible media into my new canister. Maybe my water quality wasnt up to quality they need.

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