My Garden Is My 2nd Home Lol

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Tez, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Tez Valued Member Member

    Roll on warmer weather as a love the garden and lights in the summer and it's took 10yrs to get both front and back right and come this year plants will be brought again :( but I do enjoy attending the plants.

    Summer nights in our garden...relaxation :)



  2. CaptAnnDuchow Well Known Member Member

    My garden area is under 5 foot of snow but agreed it rewarding and relaxing! 20190213_145423_HDR.jpg

  3. Tez Valued Member Member

    Omg look at how deep your snow is :eek:...but like you say rewarding when it does get better and nice to see you have decking also :emoji_thumbsup:

  4. mattgirl Fishlore VIP Member

    I am soooooo ready for the warmer weather to come back and I can get all my hanging planters and huge pots full of beautiful flowers out on the deck. It looks so drab out there right now so devoid of color. :(

    Supposed to get down to the low teens here tonight and only warm up to the mid 20's tomorrow. Fortunately no snow or rain. Rain here with those temps normally means breaking limbs and power outages. Beautiful when the sun hits it just right and turns it into a crystal world but I will live very happily if I never see it again. :)
  5. Tez Valued Member Member

    Well I like warmer weather but shade is better for me :(...good for you with your hanging baskets, I used to buy the but it's one pure sun trap here from when the sun shows till it goes in and it didn't matter how much I watered them the sun burnt them.

    It looks like you have a brilliant view from your high decking it must be really nice :)...well we've not had temps your low here but omg I couldn't cope, we've still got the rads on here :hilarious: hubby can't stand it but I need it :rolleyes: but since Friday it's been nothing but rain and heavy winds.
  6. mattgirl Fishlore VIP Member

    I have to put sun loving plants on my deck because it gets full sun most of the day. Fortunately there are several sun loving plants so I can have a good variety of colors and textures.

    One other thing I dislike about this cold time of year....I have to waste most the nutrient rich water I pull from my tanks. I use as much as I can for my house plants but I usually have close to 30 gallons of it each week so have to pour it down the drain. :(

    I know my outdoor plants thrive on it during the growing season though. :)

    I love the fact that we have 4 distinct seasons here. I don't like winter. To me it is just so drab but I know we have to have it to finally be blessed with our beautiful Spring.

    I would love to sit out in the evenings in your beautiful yard. It looks to me like it was well worth all the work you put into it. :)
  7. Tez Valued Member Member

    Evening mattgirl, well here the sun never hits the decking till 1pm but the rest of the gardens are full with the sun and it's lovely when you have lovely colours on camellia is in flower already it's a white one.

    What a shame about your water but our weather is changing to much here and summer is coming earlier and winter is coming quicker.

    My hubby made me laugh he designed the decking over night as he's got insomnia and when he showed me I laughed it wasn't very big, I said no way I want it full length across the property and 10ft out and he did it for me and he slabbed down the main part and I asked for a path all the way around and we did have a lawn but my staffy wrecked it, so we did the gravel.

    Pictures below of when it was lawned and the slabbing he did

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  8. Giul Well Known Member Member

    We used to have the most successful vegetable garden in the summer, whenever the winter comes we become zucchini and tomato deprived in my house :(. My goal for this summer is to try planting tulips for the first time. My great-grandmother used to keep the most beautiful tulips in her planters so I hope to surprise her daughter (my grandma) with some home grown tulips for her kitchen table. Fingers crossed that it works well!
  9. Tez Valued Member Member

    Hi @Giul Good luck with your tulips beautiful flowers our neighbour as some beautiful reds across her front and you can buy some stunning colours.
  10. Giul Well Known Member Member

    She always be grew yellow but I think I’ll try an assortment. Maybe her green thumb will be genetic since she only purchased the bulbs once, then they simply returned every year
  11. mattgirl Fishlore VIP Member

    The only thing we have blooming right now are the Daffodils and Hyacinths and they are really putting on a show this year. I have daffodils planted all over my yard and even into the edges of the woods right outside our property. No matter which window I look out of I see beautiful yellow Daffodil blooms. They don't care how cold it gets. Once they start coming up and blooming nothing slows them down.

    Once the daffodils start slowing down the day lilies get going. I love that both come up year after year with no care at all. I just have to dig up and thin them occasionally and move the extras to get started in another spot. I have been doing it for about 35 years now so have managed to dig up and move tons of them. When I can't find another place I give all the extras away.

    Same with the Hostas. I started with a small clump of 3 different kinds. I now have so many of them I have run out of places to put them and folks to share them with. :D

    Through the years I have planted lots of perennials that just keep coming back year after year and then collect seeds from my annuals so keeping them going from seeds each year is simple. I really love working out in the yard and being blessed with beautiful flowers year after year.

    It is a toss up as to which I enjoy more. Working with the plants or caring for my tanks. At least caring for the tanks is year round and using the tank water to water the plants keep them happy. It's a win win situation. :)
  12. Tez Valued Member Member

    Yes go for an assortment Giul and you should have a lovely show :emoji_thumbsup:
    Same plants out here also here except for the Hyacinths...I love hostas such a beautiful plant and I had some here but the slugs we get are terrible and they do enjoy your plants..they was destroying one last year after I brought it and I was out at 1am in the morning with a torch :emoji_smile: never stopped them and they ruined my plant....I love grasses and brought two different ones and i'm hoping they come back as they're a stunning plant...hubby says the flowers look like squirrel tails.:)
  13. SarahMcGee Valued Member Member

    Got to love Wisconsin weather! Monday the weather was almost into the 70s, this flower was blooming in my garden on Tuesday and Wednesday everything was covered in snow.

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  14. CaptAnnDuchow Well Known Member Member

    Same happened to me lol. Im getting to dislike Wisconsin weather lol
  15. SarahMcGee Valued Member Member

    CaptAnnDuchow at least it's less snow then least year mid April! That one photo is my poor hubby and nephew digging out our car last April. I'm just sitting here impatiently waiting on my irises.

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