my fishy tank

  1. chris02_84 Member Member

    20 gallon tank in my son's room

    my two tinfoils, they are the coolest fish, i can watch them play for hours

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  2. Marc Well Known Member Member

    Nice tank! :D
  3. Jon Well Known Member Member

    cool fish... anything else in the tank?
  4. chris02_84 Member Member

    3 zebra danios
  5. EmpPleco Well Known Member Member

    Wow!! i love what you did with the rocks/slates :) so cool!
  6. newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    ooooooo nice! ;)
  7. Isabella Fishlore VIP Member

    Very nice tank Chris. Are the plants live or artificial?
  8. chris02_84 Member Member

    artificial, right now i'm in the process of making a plant tank, i'll have pics for ya'll when ready
  9. whatsafish7 Member Member

    nice tank how do u post it
  10. chris02_84 Member Member

  11. chris02_84 Member Member

    not TAG....IMG
  12. whatsafish7 Member Member

    thank you i figured everything out thanks to you
  13. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Great photos! Your tanks are beautiful!
  14. whatsafish7 Member Member

    his tanks are nice and i enjoy looking at them aso do u (probably)
  15. chris02_84 Member Member

    i love them i spend hours in my sons room watching them, my son loves them too
  16. whatsafish7 Member Member

    well that is neat and no matter what kind of tank people have it is always neat if the owner loves it and i can tell you do
  17. heartbeat Initiate Member

    very nice :) i hope u get more fishies :p
  18. RoboDude Member Member

    Wow! I'm speechless! That's great! Maybe, since you like them so much, you can buy some more Tinfoil Barbs. I imagine that they would school, wouldn't they?
  19. chris02_84 Member Member

    well the pair that i have do everthing together. i would need a HUGE tank if i were to get enough to school.
  20. RoboDude Member Member

    okey-dokey, then!