My Fishes Rubbing Gills

  1. jithin

    jithin New Member Member

    hi, plz help,
    i having a problem that all my fishes (koi carp, silky carp,goldfish,dumbo guppies,mollies,iridicent shark )rubbing its gill continusely.....and dumbo guppies,mollies keep dying ,now i am using anti septic mr.yellow that will helped mollies,but guppies still death process ,only dying male guppies.
  2. B

    Betrayer Well Known Member Member

    I'm sorry to hear that your fish aren't well! In order to help you, we will need some more information about your tank and fish. Please tell us what size tank you have and how long it has been set up. What fish do you have? Is your tank cycled and have you tested your water parameters?

    With that information, hopefully we can offer useful advice.
  3. Herkimur

    Herkimur Well Known Member Member

    Gill rubbing (flashing) is caused by Gill Flukes.
    Pond fish are notorious for getting/having Flukes.

    Praziquantel is quite effective in paralyzing and killing off Flukes, takes a long time to treat since fluke parasites have a long life and several stages of it.

    Heat does not kill this.

    Praziquantel isn't cheap in it's pure powder form but it's well worth its price.
  4. OP

    jithin New Member Member


    Three 100 gallon tank's(4 inch size 6 koi carp and 8 month old goldfish )all are seperet tank and one 75 gallon, there is the dying guppies here and mollies are keep normal.
    setted up 2 month's ago and guppies just one week .
    water parameters don't checked, because now i am using rain water.
  5. pixelhoot

    pixelhoot Valued Member Member

    I'm not exactly sure what to comment on the tanks, as koi and goldfish are not in my direct field of experience, but I'd like to note that even with rainwater, toxins from the fish can still easily build up as much as conditioned tap water can.
    I would test the rainwater before putting it into the enclosure, as rainwater does not have to undergo the cleaning and documenting that other domestic water sources do. Any of the parameters can be off before it even goes into the enclosure. :s