My Fish Made A Noise?

Discussion in 'Red Devil Cichlid' started by Catieandfred, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. CatieandfredNew MemberMember

    hi all! This may sound crazy but I have a question. I have a 6 year old Red devil cichlid all by himself in a 100gal tank. He was stationary in the middle of his tank, away from anything in the tank, and he moved his body as if he were coughing and made noise. It was some what loud and was like a deep ching or cling sound. He did it about 7 times. I was shocked as he has never done this before. Anyone ever experienced their fish making sounds?
  2. KjeldsenValued MemberMember

    My male frogs will sometimes make buzzing noises, but this takes the prize!
  3. scarfaceFishlore VIPMember

    It's evolving. . .
  4. RepolieWell Known MemberMember

    My bettas make a clicking noise when they eat.
  5. BotWell Known MemberMember

    my fish sometimes sings to me.
  6. BryWell Known MemberMember

    I had a synodontis catfish who make a squeal/croak sound. Which was odd until I googled it, and found it was normal.
  7. CatieandfredNew MemberMember

    He seems completely fine so maybe it’s normal! Just odd that in six years I’ve never heard him make noise other then banging the top of his tank before.