My fish deciscion.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by AnnaEA, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. AnnaEA

    AnnaEAValued MemberMember

    I have decided on two fish schemes for my 10 gallon tank -- I will make my final choice between them after talking things over with the folks at my LFS and looking at my water test results after cycling.

    1) Betta-centrism. One betta, and two of the pretty loaches that I like. Plants, some landscaping, and a few ghost shrimp. Each of these fish gets to 3 inches, so that gives me nine inches of fish in a ten gallon tank - should be fine.

    2) School's in. A school of tetras - cardinal or neon probably, although adonis would be best. 6-8, depending on the adult size of the tetra, and the advice from LFS. 6 cardinals (puts me at 12 inches of fish, slightly over stocked) or 8 neons (also 12 inches). Adonis only get to be an inch, so I would probably go with 10 of them. If my LFS has them. And of course plants, some landscaping, and a few ghost shrimp.

    If I do go with the tetra's, I'll be dealing with a slightly overstocked tank... I think that if I go with a higher water change rate (40% a week), careful gravel cleaning to keep the bio filter strong (1/2 of the gravel weekly) and start by stocking with very very small fish so that the bio-filter has more time to adjust to the increased load it will work out okay.....

    If I am just spinning castles in the sky there though, please please let me know!

    So, how do my plans look? Any fatal flaws I don't recognize, anything I should take into consideration that I don't know about?

  2. EmpPleco

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    I like the Betta idea :) You never get tired of looking at them, they have truly unique personalities, and also, it's so wonderful when you get to save one from those horrid cups and put them in a 10 gallon!!!

    Mine loved it! He uses every bit of the space too :)
  3. beckers4oranges

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    being a betta fan....i have to say go with the betta idea...they are way better looking then a bunch of little tetras lol... plus you would just be saving another betta from there "horrid cups" as EmpPleco said...

    what kind of loaches are you lookin at?? the site below has some loaches on it just incase you dont know what kind it is...

    and if i were you i would add the betta last because he is very territorial and wil attack anythign you put in it later on
  4. EmpPleco

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    That's what i did -- put the frogs and the catfish in first, and then put the betta in 2 days later.

    Anywho -- I didn't think that there were any loaches that were small enough for a 10 gallon?
  5. atmmachine816

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    really the cardinal and neons dont usually get 2 inches usually 1-1.25 inches not 2 so you wouldnt be that overstocked and i like both ideas i like the betta idea and i like a school of cardinal tetras in a nice green planted tank with some oranments in my opionion the colors look really nice together
  6. OP

    AnnaEAValued MemberMember

    This is my loach:  

    They get to be 3 inches at adult hood,  the same size as the betta.   So going by the inches per gallon thing, I should be fine.   The folks at my LFS  also think it will be fine.... they even think that I could do the two loachs and the school of tetras  :-\  But I'm chicken, and don't want to try that.....   Helpful Guy (who might be the owner of the fish store)  said that because the loach is a bottom feeder and the tetras are so small that the bio load wouldn't be too much for 10 gallons.

    I'm still chicken though.
  7. EmpPleco

    EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    The site you recommended (for the indian spiny loach) also says it needs a min. tank size of 15 gallons, but sometimes they overestimate that. Just be cautious :)

    I also just read on another site that those specific types of loaches are very good climbers and jumpers, so just be careful to have a tight lid ;)