My First Tank.


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Ms rose

Wow your plants are doing amazing. And this is your first time? Looks from the photos that your doing everything right, I can c your test kit and your plants are flourishing


That is incredible. My first tank was a 5 gallon plastic squircle-shaped tank with magenta gravel and a hot-pink plastic plant. Good job! It's beautiful. Your fish are lucky.
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Deep beneath the well lit water of the tank...The bacteria colony could be seen(with an advanced microscope, good enough to see a deadly virus- as seen on tv.) munching away at the ammonia. The administrator of the enclosure Paul one day will accidentally inject to much ammonia. The ammonia will spike above 4.0 PPM
Will disaster strike?

The lovely happy go lucky ammonia colony perseveres. Within 24 hours the ammonia is back down to .25 ppm...

Just a short story I wrote, maybe I'll turn it into a scholastic book.

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