My first set up in years - compatability questions

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    booboo7336 New Member Member

    Back after a few years as I had fish all my life growing up. Set up a little 20 (I think it's 29) gallon high tank and going thru cycle now.  Thanks for the cycle advise, all those years and I never did it, wonder why I lost many fish, nice to be educated some now.

    Always loved angels and I know they limit my number of fish due to their size but I need to have them. FIrst of all, get them in pairs? I also want silver dollars but know there size will not work with my tank and angels. Also thinking about dwarf gouramies and a red tail shark and or cory cat.

    Could I do two angels, a few silver dollars and maybe dwarf gouramies? Should I keep silver dollars out with angels. What other small fish can I add as I do NOT want my angels to get there tails nipped.

    Thanks for the site and advise.....
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    Welcome to FishLore! It's great to have you with us and back in the hobby! This is just my opinion, but I wouldn't try the silver dollars or gouramis with your angels. Angels and gouramis are usually not a very good mix, and if you want live plants in your tank, the silver dollars will think they're at the buffet. I have a 55 gal. with 5 angels in it, and also have a beautiful pleco (some have called it a snowball pleco). How about starting with the angels, and maybe adding something like rummy nose tetras, some cory cats, and an interesting pleco (or 2 if you get the bristlenose or smaller species)? You could also add some sort of loaches also. I have yo yo loaches and love 'em! That would add plenty of activity and variety to your tank. ;)
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    booboo7336 New Member Member

    Thanks for the feedback. I want angels bad enough that I will sacrifice the silver dollars and gouramies. Isn't a pleco too big for my 22 high and will the tetra's nip the angels?
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    It depends on what kind of pleco you get ;) Most bristlenose get about 5-6 inches and do a great job of cleaning up algae an will also eat shrimp pellets, veggie wagers and just about anything that falls to the bottom.
    You could have 3-4 corys but they won't cleanup any algae if you get any.
    I have green neons and black neons with my angels and they do great. Those particular neons are too big for the angels to eat.
    I think 2 angels are about all you want in that size tank.
    Welcome to FishLore!!!! ;D We love to talk about our fish.