10 Gallon Tank My first salt tank

SUPER low tech, old school setup. No coral, I don’t think I can care properly for that right now. No inverts yet. Shrimp will come with the bigger tank. MAYBE an anemone eventually but idk. I’m just starting and making a WHOLE bunch of mistakes. I got very forgiving fish to start with. Making the jump from fresh to salt was less scary when I had a brackish between, tbh. I figured, eh, you’ve gone this far, why not?

I have:
2 ocellaris clowns (one is a misbar)
3 yellow tail blue damsel fish
2 sail fin molly (one white, one Dalmatian)

Started with 2 damsel and 15 ghost shrimp then when the damsels hid all the time and wouldn’t eat I took out all the shrimp and added the 2 Molly’s. That didn’t work so I added 1 more damsel and the 2 clowns. That worked. Funny that my dither fish had to have dither fish.

They’re all new fish so I’m using this tank to quarantine while I cycle a 20 gal.

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Looks lovely
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