My First Planted Tank!

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    HamSnacks Valued Member Member

    Posted a few threads in regards to my tank (Thank you for all the help) and I think I am finally done! Now just regular Maintenance. Thought I would share the final build with the details and get any suggestions/opinions on anything that can be done better or is wrong (won't take it personally lol) especially on the maintenance part.

    60 Gallon Tank, (48" Wide, 12" Deep, 24" High)
    2 x AquaClear 70 Hang on Filters
    4 x 55W Sunblaster T5Ho Bulbs at 6400k, 2 lights are blue and red
    Temperature currently at 77F, trying to get it down to 72F, going through a heat warning in the city.
    Sand as Substrate


    2 x Java Fern Bundles, 2 x Amazon Sword Bundles, 1 x Bundle of Christmas Moss, 2 x Anubia Bartari, 1 x Crinum Calamistratum, 1 x Cryptocoryne Wendtii, 5 x Jungle Vals, 2 x Anubia Bartari.


    20-25% Water Change Per Week
    Seachem Flourish Tabs in the Sand
    Nilocg THRIVE All in One Fertilizer, dose every 5 days
    8 Hours of Light per day, 4 Hours at a Time, Lights are about 6.2" From the surface of the water but do have glass tops.

    Thanks again for all the help, I am pretty happy with the setup and hope they all thrive very well!

  2. Lagertha

    Lagertha Valued Member Member

    That looks really good!
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    smee82 Fishlore VIP Member

    Looks good i like your wood
  4. Seasoldier

    Seasoldier Well Known Member Member

    If that's your first effort you are a gifted natural, it looks fantastic, if it were mine I wouldn't change a thing, it will look even better once the plants grow in & spread out. I like the way your scaping blends in with the background pic, what are you stocking it with?