My first goldfish spawn

  1. snapper Well Known Member Member

    Something is clearly in the water in my tanks, as I've never had fry before and now I have two tanks full of them.

    My goldfish laid eggs about five days ago. Most of them got eaten, but after everyone settled down from the feeding frenzy I noticed my big fake plant was still covered in eggs. So I moved them to an empty tank and hoped. :) They started hatching yesterday. I want to document their progress and I managed to get some decent pictures so maybe it will help someone else at some point.

    These are the eggs after three days when they went from clear to having eyes inside.
    The white one in the middle is unfertilized.

    Yesterday, my first hatchling beside an unhatched egg.

    This morning I counted 60 hanging on the glass, and there are many more hanging on the plant. Like this guy. :)
  2. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    that is so cool! love the pics as they progress along :) congrats!
  3. Dino Fishlore VIP Member


    My goldfish spawns take place n outside ponds, so it is hard for me to get fry /egg pictures.
  4. snapper Well Known Member Member

    Thank you! The mom is a big beautiful orange oranda. I saw three males chasing her, I'm hoping at least some of the babies are from the veil tail.
  5. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Wow, those are so cute! lol
    This is going to be exciting to follow! Thanks for doing this!
  6. Henri Well Known Member Member

    I'm subscribing to this thread, I've always wanted to breed goldfish but jut never had a big enough tank. I love these fish and I wish the best of luck to you. What are you feeding the fry? Keep us updated please :D
  7. snapper Well Known Member Member

    Thanks, Henri! I'm not feeding them anything yet. Going to try to get some green water going and hatch some baby brine shrimp for them.
  8. OUTINFRONT Member Member

    Awesome thanks for sharing the event with us.
  9. snapper Well Known Member Member

    Most of the babies are swimming now. :) They're gobbling up baby brine shrimp too.


  10. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Awesome! Do you know who the parents are?
  11. snapper Well Known Member Member

  12. Shine Well Known Member Member

    Your oranda is one BIG girl compared to her suitors. Especially the moor! :p

    A whole tank of babies! Thats just wonderful. I found one baby goldfish when I emptied my pond last fall, and that lone survivor is far more exciting to me the whole tank of endler fry that turns up weekly--haha

    Be interesting to see how they all turn out... what genetics they get from their assorted fathers :D
  13. snapper Well Known Member Member

    Here they are at 10 days old.

  14. Dino Fishlore VIP Member


    With as warm as it has been here, I expect spawning outside with the next few weeks.
  15. yusufm52 Member Member

    Congrats on the spawn..
    my goldfish do spawn but get eaten up by the time i notice..
    keep us updated.. and best of luck for raising the fry.. ;)
  16. snapper Well Known Member Member

    Little over 2 weeks old. They're growing fast. They have pectoral fins and are growing little dorsal fins. :) Their tails are getting LONG. They've figured out how to pick food up off the bottom which is great because I get so stressed out vacuuming in there.


    From above...
  17. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Cute! They're getting pretty big. How many do you think there are?
  18. snapper Well Known Member Member

    Hard to say. More than 100. Probably more than 150.

    I'm moving this week. Once we get settled I'll start doing some culling. Starting with the single tails.
  19. cameronpalte Member Member

    Wow congratz! I hope one day my goldfish may do this but I'm still not sure what gender they are. They are growing fast, are you going through a lot of food? You said your moving this week which is good because 100 seem slightly overcrowded...
  20. snapper Well Known Member Member

    I've gone through 1.5 bags of First Bites and 3 grams of brine shrimp eggs so far. Once I get moved and they get big enough to raise the water level and handle a HOB filter, I will separate them into a few tubs/tanks. :) They're still pretty small and have plenty of room in the 40.