1. ILikeBigFishandICannotLie

    ILikeBigFishandICannotLieNew MemberMember

    So I noticed a teeny tiny grey fry at the bottom of my 55gal community tank just now. I've only seen two at the same time so far, but there is two 3-3.5" three spot gourami in there so I wouldn't be surprised if they're the only two left.

    I noticed that one of the fry I was able to keep any eye on for awhile kept jamming itself down in the crevices of the gravel, it looks like it gets stuck and then after I minute or so it wiggles its way back out. It repeated this behavior a few times while I watched. Is this something fry usually do?

    Their either mollies or platies, I can't tell because all the fish I thought looked pregnant still look pregnant.
  2. PraptiPanda

    PraptiPandaValued MemberMember

    Maybe the fry gers lodged in between the gravel while trying to hide? Or maybe it's not that good of a swimmer. Every batch of fry has a runt/weakling.
  3. OP

    ILikeBigFishandICannotLieNew MemberMember

    Could be, it was the area of the tank underneath the filter so the current is kind of strong there.
  4. MelloYello

    MelloYelloValued MemberMember

    Well whichever fish it is... Congratulations!!

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