My First Attempt At A Planted Tank -tips And Advice


I have this 30 gallon tank setup for about 3 months now. For substrate I used German Clay . I initially started with the Wisteria plant.The growth rate was pretty impressive in the beginning . I wasn’t using any Co2. Just dosing 2 ml of Micro and Macro nutrients every morning . Iron mainly. They prevent the yellowness of leaves. I was hesitant in investing in a Co2 Injector so I thought of trying out Seachem Excel instead. I must say, this stuff is really good. It’s just been 3 days since I started using it and my plants look really good. Much fuller and the colours have popped . I’m waiting for the Dwarf Sagitaria to form a nice carpet in the foreground.
For lighting I used 2 X Philips 9W LED Bulbs
Rated at 810 Lumens each and Color temperature 3000 Kelvin each . I keep them turned on for 13 hours a day

Current stock:
4 Angels
5 Molly’s
5 Red eye tetras
2 Red platies
2 little Golden Chinese algae eaters( trust me they keep the tank looking spotless )


What a gorgeous setup! I agree too that your plants are looking really good (I'm jealous lol)


It looks really nice!

I am a little bit concerned about the chinese algae eaters though... they may get big, aggressive and stop eating algae as they grow. Then the 13 hour lighting will be a problem.

When that time comes, I would reduce the lighting period - and relocate the chinese fish...


Wow beautiful setup! I am actually working on my own planted tank and am stealing some of your ideas

I am concerned about your fish stocking though. Specifically the 2 CAEs and 4 angels in a 30g. You are going to get a lot of aggression once they're older...


The algae eaters will get aggressive with age in my experience. They do a nice job when small though.

Your aquarium looks really nice!


You're giving us tips and advice right? because your setup looks fantastic.
I agree with above rehome the CAE and maybe replace them with Siamese Algae Eaters.

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