My Females Have Been In Hiding


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I've had 6 rcs in my planted 10 gallon tank with endlers and a teeny, gentle honey gourami, for about 6 weeks. 2 of the females eventually developed saddles then shortly after, the underside of their tails seemed to thicken as if developing eggs. Now they're in hiding, I haven't seen them emerge in several days. I know hiding is part of their breeding and molting behavior but I'm a total novice and I'm getting anxious to see them. How long do they do this?

Should I worry since I do 40% weekly water changes against all shrimp keeping convention? I track WQ except TDS (although I should probably get a meter). Today, and generally, my numbers are:
Ammonia=0.25 (according to API kit, I've never seen it truly yellow so assume 0)
Nitrate=10 or 20 (again, so hard to tell API kit)
pH: 7.8
KH=4° (I know, low)
GH=9° (same)
And plants aren't doing great, if that says anything useful.



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Yes it is common for them to hide, from the time you seen the eggs to the time they hatch is around 24 days,the young themselves then hide for a further few weeks, the other reason for them to hide is your gouramI no matter how gentle you think it is it will eat all the young, this in itself will force shrimp into hiding, your water perameters are good the ammonia reading is always a pain with that yellow, watch your Nitraits that is toxic to shrimp but where you are at the moment is good, a few things things to consider if shrimp die, go missing, or failed molts is the gouramI for one and your water changes, I've always said if its working for you keep doing it but you may want to consider lowering them to 15% if things go bad like molts, a tds meter is a very good for keeping track of water quality especially with shrimp

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