My Female Sterbai Is Acting Strange/upset Since Removing Her Male False Julii Mate

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    I'm a bit concerned and mostly just sad for my female Sterbai Corydoras. She had mated with a False Julii and since I didn't want them interbreeding and the eggs possibly hatching I moved him to another tank with the other False Julii's. She still has 12 other Sterbai Corys in the tank with her, but she is very skittish now and zooms all over the tank and is just acting totally different than she did when the male was in there with her.

    Has anyone else had this happen? Will she eventually calm down and be happy again? I think I'm just feeling really guilty right now for taking her mate away.
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  3. filtered_light Member Member

    I don't have a clue, but send sympathies
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    How is she doing? Has she adjusted?

  5. Over It Well Known Member Member

    Thank you for asking! She is actually doing much better now. I think she has accepted that she lives with the other Sterbais and is acting a lot more normal.
  6. filtered_light Member Member

    So glad to hear it!! I have one random thought - if there is an odd number in her tank now, maybe getting one more male sterbai could help her find a conspecific mate to keep her company? (I don't know much about breeding so could be way off base.)
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    Actually that's not a bad idea. Unfortunately Sterbai are not very easy to find in my area. I do have 13 including her, but the others are younger and smaller than she is. I bought every Sterbai I could in case I lost any. I think I might just have to wait till they grow a bit, but I will keep my eyes open for a large male.

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    That makes sense! Can I ask you... how do you sex corys? I can't tell the difference. When I read about it, most sources just say the females are a little wider or fatter.
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    Actually that's pretty much it. I'm far from an expert, but once they are old enough the female will look a bit bloated and very robust. When you look at her from the side it will look like she can't lay flat against the bottom of the tank so her head is always pointing up a little bit.
    I have also read they have more rounded ventral? fins for holding the eggs. I haven't been able to sex them till they are full grown, but maybe others can.
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    Well the not-flat-bottomed cory descriptor is helpful. That means the one I was pretty sure is female definitely is. Yay! Hopefully the 2 littler ones are males, though I haven't seen any behavior that looks like courtship.

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    It's quite possible they are. When mine mated it was quick! Like if I hadn't been looking at them right when I did I would have missed it.
    If you ever see them in a "T" position with the female facing towards the males belly and they stay like that for a second or 2, they are mating. Other than that I just noticed that the male and female were attached at the hip for a day before they mated and after.