My Female Betta won't eat

HI Friends,

I have a 5 gallon tank, heated at 78oC with a sponge filter. I have a female and male betta separated with a divider/screen so that they can not get to each other. I made a small window on the screen so that they can see each other, if they wish. My water reads are A / NI @ zero and NA @ 5ppm. I have a java fern plant on her side of the tank and a silk plant on the other.

My problem with the female started in early August, when I notice her appetite slowly demising. At the time my A / NI was at zero, but my NA was at 20ppm. A friend told me to get my NA down to 5ppm, which I did the next day, but it has been 2 months at this level and her appetite has not improved.

She stopped eating pellets and dry food food (i.e. bloodworms or brine shimps). I am now trying to feed her frozen bloodworms, I can only get her to eat maybe one worm a week at best, the others she would ignore or spit out.

I am not sure how long she can live on 1 bloodworm a week. She would mostly stay at the bottom and if she does come to the top, it is mostly to breathed. When I try to feed, she simple swims away or will stare at the feed a majority of the time.

I got them both 13 months ago, and the male is doing fine. I am also try vitamin and gralic drops to simulate her appetite, but it has not worked out.

She lacks appetite, activity, and is breathing hard when I observe and when she chews it seem like she is choking on the food and will spit it out. Are these signs, that her days are numbered?

Can she be saved?

Has anybody else gone throught this?


HI Marsdane - sorry to hear about the female.. I don't have a clue what it could be but I guess it could be an illness. Does her body look out of proporton in any way? like swollen belly/skinny belly... that could indicate a parasite or something.
Thanks, Miss Mouse.

Her belly looks fine, and her color is still the same. I do not believe it is fin rot, thought her bottom fin as shorten a little in some places, I believe it more due to the fact she is not eating on a regular basis.

If is parasite, what would be the best way to treat it?

Erm unfortunately I don't have a clue as I've never had to deal with it but lets see what some other people say... :-[
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