My fancy guppy is pregnant and i want a health batch of fry! Help im new at this

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by LuckeGuppy, Nov 28, 2005.

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    I got a female guppy at a pet store and she was already pregnant. Do i have to put her in a breeding net or can the babys be delivered and survive in the tank with the other fish? I also have a male guppy and betta in the tank.I have many plants in the tank and a few floating on top. And if i do have to put the fry and the female another tank when can i put the fry in with the rest of the fish.
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    What size is your tank?
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    Thats an excellent place to start.
    If you have lots of plants you won't have to seperate the parents and the fry. I have 4 sets of Guppy fry right now and all are still in the tanks together. But there are lots of plants for the fry to hide in.
    Mine never seem to do well in those little breeder boxes. in fact they almost refuse to have their babies if they are in one. Just my thoughts.
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    Re: My fancy guppy is pregnant and i want a health batch of fry! Help im new at

    yeah i dont think the adult guppies have a go that much at their babies compared to other livebearers but the betta might like one for a snack, but could be too slow to catch them
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    I have a five gallon tank and i have the tank divided so the mom is on one side and the others are on the other side.
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    Do you have anything larger to put Mom in? With a space that small she is more likely to eat her fry and the babies won't be able to get away from her. Just my thoughts.
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    As I have learned from a breeder box (floats on top of the tank water) no matter what momma I put in there...she always manages to jump out!!! Since my 1st babies (fry) were born LAST NIGHT-an accidental floating plant provided them protection-but I have too many 'fry snackers'!!! I scooped them out (see my post under 'Breeding' section to see what I did. :) Babies are SO cute!!! Good Luck!!! and Welcome to FishLore!!! You'll love it here-or your money back! (hehe ;D)