My empty 30 gallon tank!

  1. Anthony10 Member Member

    Alright so I have an empty 29gal aquarium right now!! Full set minus a heater. Here's my plan!

    1) Clear space, clean aquarium
    2) Get some substrate for it, I've heard pool sand works, but how is it for plants?
    3) Get a heater, what wattage do I need for the tank?
    4) get the plants/deco, while the tank is going through the Nitrogen cycle, can I add say, hornwort? What about java moss?
    5) The tank will start to cycle while I'm on vacation! I believe plants will jump-start the cycle or make it faster?

    After I get back:
    6) I'll test water, if the water levels are safe, I'll add my danios
    7) I'll add the 3 Danios! (I have them in my 10gal)
    8) I'll add my saved Goldie (Black Moore) to the tank

    Does this sound good?
    After the plan is done this will be my stocking:

    5 or 6 Zebra Danio
    1 Black Moore

    Overstocked? Or am I able to add a school/pair of fish? Thoughts on fish?
    Thanks in advance!!

  2. Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    Sorry to bring bad news. But what about the black moor? One goldfish cannot fit in a ten gallon tank, and with the danios,hatchet fish, and pleco(s) the bio-load on the 30 gal will be too much to add a goldfish. also you need 20 gallons for 1 goldfish at minimum and with the 15 fish you are getting, you will need at least a 40 gal to keep him. Also goldfish are huge waste producers and get very large,so you are better off re-homing him/her.
  3. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    100 watts or 150 watts, depending on where you live.
  4. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Bristlenose males may fight with each other, only get one. The black moor will not be able to live with the tropical fish.
  5. Anthony10 Member Member

    Could I do this Instead?

    3 Danios
    4 Hatchetfish (I know 6 is preferred, but is it needed?)
    1 Black Moore
    1 Bristlenose pleco or maybe 4-5 Oto's instead?

    I can't really get rid of the goldfish because it's not "mine" it's my sisters, compared to his previous tank he was in, 10 gallons is huge to him. (Sadly, I couldn't really do anything until I got my 10gal, he was in a 1.5 gallon before... :( ) and I guess he might be able to go in my 250gal pond, but living in Minnesota he would have to come inside every winter...

    I could also keep the 10gal as another display tank, keeping the danios in it

  6. Anthony10 Member Member

    He's been doing fine so far, but danios can survive temperatures a little colder than normal "tropical" setups, so could I ditch the pleco and hatchet plan and instead go for a "cold-water" theme?

  7. Anthony10 Member Member

    Filtration will be:

    2 Tetra Whisper EX 70 (Meant for 45 gallon - 70 gallon for the bio load of the Goldie)

  8. FiscCyning Member Member

    That would probably be the better plan. Without the hatchetfish and Pleco you aren't so overstocked. You could add a few more danios so you have a school, and you could keep the black moor.
  9. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Apparently they might be able to live with them, ask others.
    The danios should be in schools of 5.
  10. Anthony10 Member Member

    Alright, thanks! I'll be getting more soon then!

  11. Dark Sky Member Member

    I had a good 'coldwater' setup with goldfish, white clouds and danios, this was when I lived in a house where the tank temperature maintained itself at around 18c. All seemed happy and thriving, although the tank was a bit colourless!
  12. Anthony10 Member Member

    I'd rather have colorless fish then no fish, so color isn't a problem. I'm looking at shrimp to go it the tank and I figured I'd look for bamboo or candy cane! Did you use a heater/chiller?

  13. Dark Sky Member Member

    No, that house kept a very stable temperature, very well insulated I guess... Plus my partner at the time running the central heating/cooling flat out year round probably helped too!
  14. Anthony10 Member Member

    Kinda how my 10 is now, no heater and it stays around the air temp!

  15. Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    I would go with the cold water setup also. Just make sure there are at least 5 danios. Getting rid of the hatchet fish and plecos would be a better option