My Dwarf Hairgrass Is Growing Upwards

  1. Shaizada Initiate Member

    hey guys i just planted dwarf hair grass it's about 10days. i give them a good trim and the graw grow quickly but they just going vertical not horizontal . I am using ada soil substrate,diy co2 system, i dose ferts on regular basis and liquid co2 for some boost my lighting is great i am using 22watt*5 t5HO tubes like 110 watts on my 22 gallon tank means 5 watts/galoon but they not expanding horizontaly. I don't know i am doing something wrong but be my guest to give some advice
  2. DHIWZ Member Member

    Welcome my friend to the struggle of growing carpets!

    If your carpet isn't growing as fast as you would like just plant the tops the next time you trim them off.

  3. Shaizada Initiate Member

    Hey bro thanks for replying but dwarf hairgrass was growing great but not horizontaly
  4. DHIWZ Member Member

    Like I said, just plant the tops the next time you trim them. Much faster than waiting for the grass to self-propagate.

  5. Shaizada Initiate Member

    i hope this will give me nice and lushy carpet thanks for the help