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Just checked my tank this morning and it is ammonia 0 and nitrite is 0.50. and nitrate is between .50 and 10. Just was wanting to know would it be necessary to do a water change to help the process or should I just wait. Tank does not seem dirty so I really don't think I would do a water change. Thanks a bunch


It sounds like your tank is near the end of the cycle. Are there any fish in the tank? If so, you will want to do a water change if the nitrite gets to 1 or higher. If you are doing a fishless cycle, there's no need to do a water change until the cycling is complete. Then you will do a massive water change before adding fish.


Used 125 gallon Tank/ advice please

I have a used 125 gallon tank. I also have 2 - 55 gallon tanks. My question is if I take 50 % of water from both of my 55 gallon tanks would that help the cycling being I am using bacteria from both tanks ? In my 55 galon tank I have Bala sharks, which I will be transfering to the 120 gal. tank.....Just started this hobby 4 months ago, and I love it


I'm pretty sure that the bacteria are on sufaces so you could put in things like plastic plants or gravel and that would help I'm not that great at remembering facts like that though


Taking water from an existing tank will not really help your cycle much, if any. This is because the bacteria that do the cycling grow on surfaces and do not just free float in the water. The best thing you can do is take filter media (foam, floss, etc) from an existing tank and put it in the new tank. That will transfer some of the necessary bacteria and speed your cycle.


Or put some gravel from the cycled tank in a mesh bag an put it in the new tank to seed it.

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