My Cycle Sound Close ..... still being patient...well kinda!

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    booboo7336 New Member Member

    Wanted to see if I am close to be thru my cycle. After setting up 10 days ago, my readings are:

    Nitrates - 2.5 down from 5.0 two days ago
    Nitrite - 0 was .05 two days ago, been zero the hole time but the once
    Ammonia - .5 down from 1.0 four days ago

    Been using TLC to help cycle for last 5 days along with 6 tetra's and 2 cory's (all doing great). Am I close ya think?

    Also, I have the 6 tetras, 2 cory's and I want to add a pleco and maybe a couple (2-3) dwarf gouramies and (2-3) swordtails?
    That would be 12-14 fish in a 29 high, seem too crowded?

    Thanks to all for your help, not done fish for years and now I am hooked again...setting up a 45 gallon in my family room soon so I can get my angels..

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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Normally cycling usually takes at least a month. Since you are really just starting out and already have nitrates, you may want to check your tap water for nitrates. It is not uncommon for folks to have it in their water supply. I'm not sure about you having nitrites and then no nitrites, and you are still showing ammonia. When ammonia and nitrites are both at zero, and you are showing nitrates, your tank is cycled. If you have nitrates already present in your tap water, it's a bit more complicated.
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    dahly Valued Member Member

    Close, but not yet. I rushed when I began, was told the tank was cycled, added too many too soon and lost all but what I started with. You need 0's for ammonia and Nitrites and near 0 on nitrates to be confident, then wait another week anyway, and only add 2-3 at a time, per week. Go slowly, enjoy!