My communication with seachem...about stability and denitrate!

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    This is the communication I had with seachem...
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    [TD="width: 100%"]Message: I use nearly all of your products, but I have a question. You say that as long as nitrate stays controlled that denitrate is not exhausted, but denitrate uses biological nitrate removal primarily- therefore, how does the bacteria- "exhaust?" I understand that the denitrate can get impacted with dirt, so I use filter floss prior to the denitrate in an aquatop media reactor. I am not sure if this is how it could "exhaust." Also, does stability contain denitrifying bacteria that can seed the denitrate? Thanks!

    Thank you for your email. What we mean by "exhaust" in this context is "run out of room to grow". You are correct that, given infinite resources, bacteria colonies will continually multiply and remove nitrate, but it is entirely possible for the bacteria colonies to exhaust their available resources (space, nutrients, etc.) and stop growing. If nitrate remains under control, the bacteria colonies still have plenty of space (deNitrate), nutrients (phosphate, carbon, and trace elements in addition to nitrate), and proper water conditions (water flow, pH and temperature stable). If nitrate starts to rise, then the bacteria colonies lack one of these resources, and the most likely one is space.
    Stability does contain denitrifying bacteria to seed the deNitrate, so you can certainly use it in conjunction with deNitrate if you wish.

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    Bumping this up for you
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    Interesting. So I guess they're saying as long as nitrates are under control you don't need to add more de-nitrate, not that you should replace it.
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    Yes. So in my reactors I'm using a ton of filter floss now, one of my 50 microns cut to fit filters, and it's keeping it very clean and hopefully usable over a much longer period.[​IMG]

    This is my other one. I didn't put enough and it's dirty. And no 50 micron. [​IMG]
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    Latest update. I added more 50 micron. The one at the top is new compare to the color below it. From now on I'm doing 40% floss material and more 50 micron. [​IMG]

    This stuff works great. I don't really care if my pump is rated for 300 gph but when dirtest does 35 lol. But if it were a canister I would.

    It's pretty awesome actually in the process it's a great water flosser
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    My Purigen is actually getting dirty pretty fast!!! I'm suprised!
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    If you're stocked at 250% (?) I wouldn't be surprised since it takes in organics.

    That's quite the setup you have now!
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    Thanks!!! :) other than my heater going out my fish were getting better!!!! They don't usually ever have to deal with any ammonia nitrite or nitrate. Even minimal trace levels. I'm sure they like it.

    And I'm 200% now. ;-)