My cichlids are getting killed

Discussion in 'Cichlids' started by JVIEW, Apr 9, 2010.

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    Hello, There is a problem in my tank right now and I am trying to find the culprit. I have a 55 gallon with mixed african cichlids and for the past 2 weeks ive had 2 fish get killed and 1 severely beaten

    and i have 2 suspects and im hoping you guys can weigh in and tell me which one to get rid of.

    culprit 1: Full grown male Auratus which I like very much

    Culprit 2: 2 Jewel cichlids ( medium sized)

    I keep my tank clean . I use the gravel vaccum and clean the substrate every week and change the water also. . I dont know if my auratus is in breeding mode and if they are alot more agressive then they usually are in this period.
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    It could be either. Both are very aggressive fish. What other fish are in the tank? That would make a difference to which I would say to remove. Auratus are rift lake cichlids that need hard water with a high PH. The Jewels are a riverine species that much prefers softer acidic water. Apart from the water parameters Jewels like a heavily planted tank while rift lake cichlids like huge piles of rock as there is very little plant life in thier natural habitat.
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    the other fish in the tank are 2 Zebra cichlids ( 1 full grown male red zebra) and 1 Juvenile Albino zebra , 1 male kenyi 1 female 1 bumble bee 1 fuellborni . All my fish are on the more agressive side, and they all usually get along,. I didnt stick to the book with the mbuna cichlids as I have a couple jewel cichlids because I think they bring some nice color to my tank.
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    Between the difference in water chemistry requirements & habitat & the very aggressive nature of most Jewels I would definitley move them out. Then I would stock more Mbuna to spread the aggression around. you need to make sure there are lots of caves for the fish to hide in to. Think dozens of caves rather than just 5-10.

    Given that the tank isn't really fully stocked for a mbuna tank & they are all pretty aggressive fish, you can't really narrow it down much as to who the culprit is for the troubles you have had so far. Any which way i would defintley remove the Jewels, add lots of caves if you don't already have them & then stock more suitable mbuna.