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My wife and I have adopted three cats over the years.
The first, Darien, was brought to us by some neighbor girls in the apartment complex we lived in. Someone's cat had gotten pregnant because they hadn't bothered to spay her, even though she was half an outdoor cat. That someone then kicked the kittens out at the minimum weaning time. One of the cats had found a couple of girls who were willing to feed it. Eventually, their mom said they couldn't keep feeding the cat and they needed to find a home for it. Darien is a typical American shorthair, almost completely black. He's the biggest of our cats, and also the biggest wuss. He's afraid of nearly everything.
A few months later, we saw another cat that we are sure was a littermate of Darien's. His coloring was identical, and he was about the right age (ears still a bit too big for his head, so under a year). We tried to catch him to give him a home, but he had gone mostly feral, and seriously scratched us both up before we finally had to let him go. We still saw him from our porch periodically, hunting in the woods behind our building.
The second, Ciani, was adopted from our vet's (which is also the local animal shelter). Like Darien, she had been part of a litter that could not be taken care of by the mother's family. They abandoned her at the vet's front step. A bit better than Darien, but still avoidable. CianI is small tabby (the second smallest adult cat I've seen). Before our final cat, she was also the angriest. She is still vicious with me, and isn't afraid to let me know if she doesn't like a nail clipping or teeth cleaning.
The third, Mika, was also an abandoned kitten. When she was about six months, she was killing birds in our yard, but she didn't know what to do with them once she had killed them. After finding a few dead but uneaten animals on my porch I decided to catch her, which was unbelievably easy. She just marched right up to me. I brought her inside, posted "found cat" posters, and let the police and the vet's office know that we had found this cat, and never heard anything. Mika is a Torby, half tortoise-shell, half tabby. They have a reputation for being the angriest cats out there, although Mika doesn't fit that description at all. (Except for when she was pregnant/still feeding her kittens)
After a few weeks we brought her in for a checkup to make sure we weren't exposing our cats to feline leukemia or other illnesses. The vet told us that she was pregnant (we had wondered, as her mamary glands had begun swelling), and that she felt two heads. Eventually, Mika gave birth to six kittens. Five of them survived, one was incapable of breathing on his own and died very shortly after birth. The five have gone to loving homes (two pairs and the fifth to a home with other cats), and the sixth lives on in a flowering bush in our backyard (every one of my deceased pets continues to live in a plant purchased for it).
Since Mika has been given full run of the house, CianI has become much more timid. Even though Mika is friendly, I think CianI knows that she's met her match, should Mika decide to actually fight.


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Pictures! we need pictures! We love sharing pictures of our pets. Thanks for sharing their story My husband and I also do some animal rescue and there are pictures in the forum.

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