My Cardinal Tetras are disappearing! Question

Discussion in 'Cardinal Tetra' started by SarahMc, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. S

    SarahMc New Member Member

    I have a 55 gal tank that is 2 months old. I have 2 black skirt tetras (silver dollar size), 5 zebra dannios (2 inches long), 2 smaller glowfish dannios, 1 dalmation molly, 1 bristle nose pleco, and three frogs. I have added just a few fish each weekend for the last 4 weeks, and we've only lost one angelfish early on. Last weekend, I added 6 cardinal tetras, which are maybe a third of the size of the zebra dannios, and 4 have died/disappeared. One we found, with it's head missing, about two days after putting them in. The other three just disappeared, one per day or two days over the course of the week. I had my water tested by the aquarium store, who said it was good, and my own test strips show it in the safe range on everything. It is hard water and alkaline, but within the safe range. The temp is steady at 78 or 79degrees. So I'm wondering, is someone eating them? Maybe the zebra dannios? Or the frogs (who have grown suspiciously large very quickly)? Or are they dying and then being eaten? I would like to save the remaining two. Should I return them to the store? Thanks for any input!!
  2. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Welcome to FishLore!!

    I'm sorry you're losing fish.
    What kind of frogs? African Clawed Frogs will eat fish.
  3. OP

    SarahMc New Member Member

    Hmmm . . . I'm not sure what they are. Their bodies are just over an inch long, not including the legs. The front feet are not webbed, while the back feet are webbed. Two are albino and one is brownish. The two albino ones have grown very quickly this past week, while the brown one has not grown so quickly. They swim up to the top alot, but also hang out on the bottom for long periods of time. The cardinal tetras are about half the length of the frogs bodies. What do you think?

  4. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Oh, yes, if there isn't any webbing between the front feet, they're African Clawed Frogs.
    The white ones are Albino African Clawed Frogs.

    They really need a tank of their own or more fish will go missing. :(
    I'm not sure what size tank they should have.
    Maybe someone else will chime in about that.

    I don't know much about them except they eat fish, can grow to baseball size (5"?) and the males are smaller than females.
  5. OP

    SarahMc New Member Member


    So, I put the three frogs into a 20 gallon aquarium of their own, and I have one surviving cardinal tetra. The frogs appear ok, and no fish have disappeared since removing the frogs on Monday afternoon.

    Thanks for the advice!!
  6. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    That's great! I'm glad you were able to get things worked out :)
  7. harpua2002

    harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    Good news! I'd suggest trying cardinal tetras again when you are ready. The one you have left will appreciate the company, and you'll love the splash of color they will add to your tank. :)
  8. joshua 74

    joshua 74 Valued Member Member

    i had 6 bt my angelfish 8 them lol in like a week my discus also 8 some lol
  9. TedsTank

    TedsTank Well Known Member Member

    Your tank parameters and temps are good for cardinals. It would be best to wait awhile more, they like and well established tank. Also always be sure you acclimate them to you tank for an hour or 2. I float them in a tupperware bowl and slowly do water changes...bag water to the sink, tank water to the fish...I do no more than approx 25% every 20 minutes or so.
  10. Alienator064

    Alienator064 Valued Member Member

    black skirt tetras that size may have eaten them.
  11. j

    jclee Well Known Member Member

    This page   has a housing and feeding section if you're still looking for cared info on the ACFs (african clawed frogs). It looks like they've also got an adoption system set up, in case the frogs turn out to be more than your bargained for, since you thought you were getting the dwarf kind.
  12. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Be sure to check the dates on the threads. This one is 3 months old and it looks like the OP has gotten things straightened out.

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