My Camallanus Worm Problem

  1. boate1997 Member Member

    So last night i was recording a video for my fish and i noticed red worms comming out of one of my fry. I immediately knew what it was, the camallanus red worm. I luckily had fenbendazole on hand as i am treating a puffer for tape worms right now. Within 30 minutes of me spotting it i made a fresh batch of soilent green repashy( i know they all will eat it) mixed with the last 250mg packet of fenbendazole and they have been eating it for the past 24hrs. I also have dosed the correct amount of general cure just to keep other problems away while my fish are sick. I got more fenbendazole on the way and if it becomes extreme i can use aquarium salt but that is my last resort.
    Updates will come soon.
  2. boate1997 Member Member

    Alright so i cancelled my order for fenbendazole and instead got levalisole.

  3. guppiesandpuppies Member Member

    I hope it all works out!
  4. bigdreams Well Known Member Member

    Levimasole is best for C. worms. You dose the water column , not mixed into food.

    Good luck!

  5. boate1997 Member Member

    Yeah thats what i bought instead, i just cant spell.