My Blackmoor Needs Help !!!

Discussion in 'Welcome to FishLore' started by Nat36, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. Nat36New MemberMember

  2. Nat36New MemberMember

    Hi i am new to this so im sorry i dont really know how to start a conversation but here goes my Blackmoor is around 5 months old and ive noticed this past week he has white edges on his fins and white around his eyes and on his face , hes eating and swimming normally and seems quite happy apart from him clamping his fins and occasionally laying on the bottom of his tank i have checked his water with the Api master tester and everything is normal so please any advice on how to get him better id be most grateful.

  3. Skullkong101Valued MemberMember

    Possibly (but I have little experience so I'm about 40% sure.) Possibly ich or finrot... More than likely of the two is ich.

  4. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    Ich is whit dots that look like salt, finrot does not occur on the face.

    OP, can you please list:
    Tank size
    Tank mates
    Newest addition
    When was the newest addition
    Do you add salt?

    If you haven't added anything new in the past month, it looks like slime coat shedding or a bacterial infection.
    If there has been a new addition, we have to look at costia or columnaris, most likely costia.
    If you add salt, it's probably slime coat shedding.

  5. Nat36New MemberMember

    Hi the tank size is 55 ltr and hes on his own hes been fine up until and still swims happily and eats well, i did a water change again today and added Melafix which someone advised and since my 1st post this morning the white edges on his fins have gone and the white on his face and around his eyes is fading so fingers crossed but this is my water readings
    Nitrate 0.0
    GH 60
    KH 18
    PH 6.5 ( this is a bit low )
    Im sorry hope you can understand these readings also can anyone give me any advice on how to get my ph levels up as i read the right ph level for a goldfish is 7.5 ? Thankyou
  6. Nat36New MemberMember

    Sorry KH level is 180
  7. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    Not quite the right readings, but close enough, lol!
    Okay, since it's started to go away with melafix, sounds like a bacterial infection, probably caused by poor parameters.
    A 55 liter is a bit on the small size for a goldfish, but you can probably make it work with enough water changes.
    Since you don't have any nitrates, that means you either have an ammonia and/or nitrite spike which is poisoning your fish. Read up on the nitrogen cycle and get a test kit for those two, any amount is toxic, do water changes until both drop to or below 0.25ppm during a fish in cycle.
    As for the pH, it won't matter for your goldfish. They're too hardy to care about pH, I've kept one in 6.4 for 3 years, she's fine.
    If it still concerns you, you can add crushed coral, cuttlebone, or seashells to the tank, and it will raise the pH and kH over time.
  8. Nat36New MemberMember

    Thankyou so much i'll go and get a nitrate testing kit and sort that out asap but touch wood hes getting better , just one more thing how can i stop him from getting the infection back should weekly water changes be enough?
  9. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    During the cycling process, you'll have to do a 40-50% every other day. Once you stop registering any ammonia or nitrates, weekly will be perfect. Base the % on however much it takes to keep nitrates before 40ppm.
    If you get test strips, don't let any moisture get on them, or they'll stop working.
    Personally, I use the API freshwsyer master, it's the best out there, but can be a little expensive
  10. Nat36New MemberMember

    Thankyou !!! I'll get started on this straight away, hes still swimming happily so hopefully feeling better and hes getting back his matt black colour
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  12. Nat36New MemberMember

    Thankyou i will do another water change tomorrow and im going to go and get the proper testing kits in the morning im really hoping i can get rid of whatever is wrong with him i hate seeing him looking sick.
  13. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    He looks like he will recover with good care :)
  14. Nat36New MemberMember

    Hi its been a few weeks and im pleased to say Bob the Blackmoor is recovering at last his fins are growing back and the white edges and cloudy eyes have cleared he is still in his hospital tank as i dont know when to introduce him to my other blackmoor in the bigger tank because if Jet got sick id be beside myself so please any advice would be appreciated thankyou.
  15. SkavatarWell Known MemberMember

    it should be safe to add him back to the main tank during your next water change.
  16. Nat36New MemberMember

    Thankyou my next water change will be tomorrow so will introduce him then fingers crossed