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Can I Put my Betta in with 2 tiger barbs, and 2 danios

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  1. g

    goldie New Member Member

    I Have my betta in a 1.66 aquarium.  I also have a 30 gallon aquarium with 2 mollies, 2 tiger barbs, 2 danios and a chinese algae eater.  Do you think my betta will be ok in with these fish?
  2. J

    JustinT New Member Member

    The tiger barbs may find your betta's long flowy fins good to nip at. My very first tank I had was stocked with tiger barbs and they were nippers. You can always give it a try though, this is just my experience with them. They may leave the betta alone completely.
  3. G

    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    I wouldn't put the betta in with the tiger barbs. They will probably find the long fins irresistable.
  4. J

    Jason Well Known Member Member

    yeah I was going to get some tiger barbs but went against it after I did some research on them and found out they love to nip fins. It was lucky I did probably would have torn apart some of my more elagent fish
  5. 0morrokh

    0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    Tiger barbs are the worst fish you can keep with Bettas. You would soon end up with a finless Betta.