My Betta

  1. thewanderingunicorn Initiate Member

    Awhile ago, I went to the local pet store and bought a Betta fish. I was very appalled at how lifeless they all looked, so I thought I would show a before and after. I eventually gave him to a friend who had a bigger tank, and he died yesterday, so this is in memory of Tucker!
  2. Bhuij Member Member

    I'm sorry for your loss. You can feel good that you provided him with a vastly better home and life than that pet store cup.
  3. TwoTonedTanker Member Member


    He was beautiful!

    I'm sorry for your loss.
  4. BellatheBetta Member Member

    He is absolutley gorgeous! We are all very sorry that he passed but the improvement in the pictures is amazing, well done to you. :;a2