My Betta Tank Setup

  1. kbrennan3

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    Hey guys! Haven't posted in a while but here I go. This is my current 5 gallon betta Tank. Comet, my twin tail half moon betta lives in a 5 gallon tank. But, I was not home for a bit and had my mom "watch" the tank. In that time, my Bettas fins started shortening and the tank got nasty. I cleaned it today and did a 50% water change, and plan on doing so daily for a week and then going to a 25% daily. I got him some brine shrimp (freeze dried) and some better pellets so he can hopefully grow his fins back. My fear is the damage may already be done :(. What do you guys think? P.S that neon tetra in there is only there temporarily until I find him a bigger tank with more neon tetras, I saved the little guy from a bad tank and he does not bother the betta and the betta does not bother him. 15bdec8c2a49c2609bc703a72fc069c7.jpg d6b12f0c1500e2c2670f9513958d8696.jpg afa2082688d827e317560ddc640e0d49.jpg

  2. sassymomma

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    Keep up with the daily water changes, and watch him closely. In a 5g tank, I also like to use the nutrafin Betta water conditioner, which has almond leaf extract in it, to help healing.

    If it gets worse, aquarium salt is good, so is fungas guard. But oftentimes the water changes can help things :)

    Another useful tool is Betta revive- in a cup of clean tank water, add 2 drop and leave him for 1hour. Then let him back into his tank. I usually float the cup, in case my Betta decides he's had enough lol- that way he just hops back into his tank