My Betta Keeps Getting Sick! Help!

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  1. Helpmybetta!New MemberMember

    Hello! We have a wonderful betta who keeps getting every fish illness. We've stumped the pet stores. We had him in a 5 gallon tank with a heater and a snail and filtration.

    First he got fin rot. Treated with melafix and salt and it went away. Then he got a white shiny spot on his head. The pet store said it was probably a weird form of ich. Treated for a few weeks with kordon ich attack and salt and higher temps (83). It went away.

    Then he got a very fast moving fin rot. Within a few days his top fin was completely gone and fuzzy and he had a body rot patch. Through all the other illnesses he acted normal and feisty. But this time he just laid on the bottom panting. We were so upset, sure he was going to die. We did
    4 days of tetracycline and he started improving slowly. Two different pet stores told us to take our tank down and start over. So we did a salt dip for good measure and put him in a heated one gallon bowl and check the water parameters every day and change out 30% every other day. He was doing great, fins growing back fast, super feisty.

    Well, today he has a shiny patch on his head and some white lines/spots around his eyes. Still super feisty though.

    What could be happening? We are doing our best and monitoring him closely. Heck, we take better care of him than ourselves.

    Any ideas what the shiny head patch could be? Or why he keeps getting sick despite clean and warm water? xIMG_2593-6sjkwocn4o_v_1493078170.jpgIMG_2596-6moohwqh3d_v_1493078174.jpg
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  2. Wet PetsNew MemberMember

    Sorry to hear about your fish, but it looks like poor water quality, do more water change and remove the gravel, it could be harboring bacteria , don't wash your filter with tap water,
  3. Sushi'skeeperValued MemberMember

    Can we get clearer photos of him? It's hard to tell.
  4. Helpmybetta!New MemberMember

    I feel like we are changing the water often enough, but maybe not. How often do you change the water in a 5 gallon tank and what percentage? Thanks!
  5. Helpmybetta!New MemberMember

    Oh man, it's so tough to get a clear photo, he's so fast. It doesn't look like ich, more like a flat shiny patch. Not fuzzy.

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  6. Sushi'skeeperValued MemberMember

    Hmm maybe a scale is missing there? Has he been bumping into anything that might indicate that it could be a missing scale?
  7. Helpmybetta!New MemberMember

    He was attacking the snail the other day -- maybe snail shell? I don't think there's anything else rough or sharp in there. He does attack everything though, so an injury would make sense.
  8. KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    I don't know what to tell you except bettas are hard. In over 30 years, I never treated a sick fish until I saved a betta from the pet store. They are prone to everything. They are worth it. Absolutely beautiful fish.
    Google Hole In The Head and click on images. It is hard to see your pic (those guys won't hold still) I probably don't see anything else in the head area but you would know. I would be watching out for columnaris. If it gets kinda fuzzy or cotton like, that is what you are dealing with.
  9. sfsammWell Known MemberMember

    I'd just remove everything from his tank. Simple bowl, heater and bubbler if your home needs it. Change out 30% of the water twice a week being sure you siphon off all the waste from the bottom.
    Give him some time to recover and once he's been solid and healthy a couple weeks at least slowly like one item a week add back some decor.
    Maybe try marbles or larger smooth stones on the bottom as they are easier to siphon waste from. And remove to clean if/when needed.
    I've never had good luck with resin or plastic aquarium decor always have issues when it's been in a tank. Try something like the Marimo moss balls they are zero maintenance (squeeze them lightly over the sink during water change), or ceramic decor like Cichlid stones (also gives hims a cave and ceramic has no sharp edges to hurt his fins). Silk plants are also easy to clean and nice to look at.

    As for his head, to me it just looks like he whacked himself on something, I've had betta dart around all spunky and showing off then next time I see them they have a similar spot. They seem to recover fine on their own... But it is hard to tell from the pic you'll likely know best if it is something worse than that.

    The illnesses themselves my guess... Although I understand you're doing plenty of water changing I still believe there may be something missing in your maintenance routine. The decor I listed above with a small aquarium siphon (you don't even need an official gravel vac just the tubing would suit) assuring you're always pulling the water and waste from the bottom should remedy your poor betta ails as well as simplify your aquarium maintenance routine!
  10. Helpmybetta!New MemberMember

    I think you guys are right, I think he's just missing a scale. It does not look like hole in the head or columnaris. We do clean with a gravel vac, so I don't think that's the problem. We can get rid of his plastic diver helmet. Maybe that's an issue. Anyone had luck with the betta half coconut? It's all natural and no sharp edges (according to amazon)

    Thank you, everyone! Also, it's good to hear that bettas are just hard -- we are certainly not neglecting him. We are really doing all we can. It's frustrating because so many places say they are so easy if you just change the water enough and heat it, and that hasn't been the case at all. The last pet store guy said "maybe you just got a weak one", which I don't really believe. He's so active and feisty and has pulled through a lot of stuff.