My Betta Is Sick | Page 3

  1. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    I did a water change.
  2. MrFluffie Member Member

  3. MrFluffie Member Member

    Yeah I always worry about my flow too. I have some pantyhose over my out valve and have it facing the tank wall, so there’s not much flow in the tank. But I’m really not an expert in figuring out how little flow a beta should have or how to slow the flow. How is he feeling today?
  4. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    He looks great, still not swimming in the tank.
  5. MrFluffie Member Member

    Hmmmmmm. I’m glad he looks better. Can you do another 10 percent water change today? Has he ever swim a lot in that tank with that particular filter ( trying to help you assess the flow issue)
  6. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    His old filter broke, so I bought a new one and transferred media and stuff. I will do another water change.
  7. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    No, he has never swam much with this filter, or before ever, even in his 5 gal.
  8. MrFluffie Member Member

    Can you take a picture of his tank with him in it? I want to check out his set up
  9. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    He was out and about swimming today!!! Like a normal fish!!!!!!! I am so excited, I will take the photo tomorrow as its dar now.
  10. MrFluffie Member Member

    It’s brings me so much joy. I’m so happy for you both