My Betta Is Sick | Page 2

  1. MrFluffie Member Member

    You can make the heat in the room hot in the mean time..
  2. Voracious David Member Member

    Another suggestion is to slightly heat water (microwave or stove) and place it in a pan, and then place your betta tank in the pan.
  3. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    I can get a heater tomorrow, I borrowed the heater from my 20 gal and am switching it back and forth. He hasn't got worse, but he isn't better.
  4. MrFluffie Member Member

    It could take awhile
  5. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    His fins have frayed more, the tank is now 78 degrees. He is still sluggish and doesn't move until I check to see if he is alive.
  6. MrFluffie Member Member

    Ok. Hang in there. Is he eating?
  7. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    Only a little bit
    I bought him his own heater today.
  8. MrFluffie Member Member

    Good for you. Keep us posted
  9. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    He is eating, he has a heater tank is 78 degrees. Still has stress stripes, although fainter than before. He is still inactive and swims with his head higher than his body.
  10. MrFluffie Member Member

    Well that’s improvement. Eventually you may want to give him a slightly bigger tank if you want to keep making him better and better and better but I wouldn’t worry about that right now while he is recovering. I’m glad the stress stripes are fainter.
  11. MrFluffie Member Member

    Oh I forgot to ask do you do little water changes? That can be really helpful as well
  12. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    I can if it would help him.
  13. MrFluffie Member Member

    Yes please. 25 percent a day for now. So you take 25 percent out. And then you put 25 percent in. But before you put the water back in it just mix the new water with the appropriate amount of prime- it will be just a couple of drops and swish it around and let it sit for an hour and then add it to the tank. The prime needs to dechlorinate the water before you put it back in. That will help your little fishy a lot. you can start tonight.
  14. MrFluffie Member Member

    How is he?
  15. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    I will do the water changes, do I need to dechlorinate if I am on a well with spring water? He is getting more active :)
    I bought prime, but I only thought to use it if I have ammonia spike suddenly.
  16. MrFluffie Member Member

    I would add a drop of prime just in case because it’ll take out any offending chemical stuff that might be in the environment. You just let the prime soak in the water first. But if it’s going to make it much more of a hassle for you then you can do that change just with the well water. It’s most important that you do the change. I’m so glad he’s getting more active. I’m so happy for you both
  17. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    He is still much less active than my veil tail, only resting under the bridge and in his betta log. Could it be too much flow? His fins are more shredded that at the beginning, but not bad.
  18. MrFluffie Member Member

    What do you mean by too much flow? Do you have a filter? I didn’t know that you had a filter. Did you change 25 percent of the water ? we’re just beginning to get him back to being rehabilitated. It’ll take weeks. He was too cold for a really long time. It’s OK, you didn’t know. But if he fully recovers it could take a long time so be patient with him. Please keep us posted.
  19. MrFluffie Member Member

    I think I figured out you might’ve been talking about the flow of the water change. It’s OK, you can just take a cup of water out gently and then put a cup of the new water in. Even if you just do a 10 percent water change it will be good.
  20. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    He has a filter, and he is showing no signs of being stressed, and he is eating. I hope his fins heal up. I was talking about the flow of the filter, if that could be why he was not swimming out in the open. He likes to stay under the bridge.