My Betta Is Sick

  1. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    I dont know what it is. I just moved, and the water is hard here, not sure ph but above 8. He has always been lazy, but he has stress stripes and is not moving. he is alive. Nothing on his body, slightly frayed fins. It might be finrot. I dont know how to post a photo sorry.
    Edit: Not betta in profile pick, different one.
  2. Brett S. Member Member

    water temp? the pH is 8?!!!
  3. MaximumRide14 Well Known Member Member

    Are you on a phone or computer? We can help you figure out how to take pics.
    What tank size?
    Do you have an exact pH reading? If so, what is it?
    How long have you had him for?
  4. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    2.5 gallon tank
    I have had him for about a month
    60-degree temp
    I don't have exact but 8ish PH
    I am on a laptop
  5. MaximumRide14 Well Known Member Member

    60 degrees is really cold. Bettas are tropical fish, and need to be in temps of 78-80 degrees. That may be one reason why he is inactive. Do you have a heater?
    Okay. So take your phone, take the pictures on it, then send your photos thru email to yourself. Then, go onto your email on your laptop, and download the photos there. They should come up when you click the "Upload A File" button next to "Post Reply". Or, you could download the app on your phone and just take picture on there.
    Does he have a filter in that tank? What are ammonia, nitrite, nitrate levels?
  6. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    He has a filter, I don't know ammonia nitrite or nitrate, it is cycled hopefully and I have been adding prime. will go take photos now
  7. Brett S. Member Member

    you want ammonia and nitrite levels low or nonexistent , and nitrate levels to be visible but not too high.
  8. Goldfish@alma Member Member

  9. MaximumRide14 Well Known Member Member

    How did you cycle your tank? Was it only by using Prime with water changes?
  10. Brett S. Member Member

    what plants do you have?
  11. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    No plants, I added ammonia for a month, then did a large water change and added him
  12. MaximumRide14 Well Known Member Member

    How much ammonia? You really need to use a test kit to watch the levels of ammonia become nitrites, then become nitrates.
    @junebug @Katie13
  13. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    A tiny bit, I bought it from ace, and used 1 mg a week
  14. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    I would say it’s from the temp. Get it up to 78-82 and check for improvement.
  15. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    I put him in his cup for the IMG_20171227_1249421_rewind.jpg photo. His tank has a little bridge and a betta log in it. sorry for bad pic
  16. MrFluffie Member Member

    He is pretty. I am a newbie. My temperature research all coalesced around 78-82 being right for bettas. I use that as my cushion zone for my Betta and I don’t let water go below 77 or above 83. Can you up his water temp today? I agree with those who recommended you start with the water temperature.
  17. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    It's the temp. If it was an ammonia issue, he'd be losing fins and laying at the bottom of the tank. But 60 is WAY too cold for a betta.
  18. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    I will try

    Do His fins look ok?
  19. MrFluffie Member Member

    Can you buy an aquarium heater?
  20. Goldfish@alma Member Member

    Yeah, !I
    will asap