My Betta Is Sick. :( Please Help!

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by madisonnbaless, Jun 15, 2019.

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    Hello everyone,

    I have a betta and he is sick. He has always been active and a translucent pink color. He was acting very odd and i looked closely at him and his tail is all clamped down and he now has some dark coloring that was not there previously. I recently moved to a new house that has horrible "hard water" and i was thinking that may be what made him sick. I didn't treat the water( i know i should have, but my old house he was fine without treating it). I have since bought "betta water" and filled his tank with that. He is a little more active, but his coloring is still off.. Also he went from a 10 gallon tank to a 1 gallon so that could also have stressed him? (i broke it in the move) I am getting a new 10 gallon tank to put him in today to give him more room. Will he be okay now and will his color come back? I assume he had some sort of poisoning from the water. I will try to include before and after photos of before he was sick and what he looks like now. Please help me make sure my baby Toad will be okay!! :(Toad.pngToad 2.jpg
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    His fins looked ripped up. Are there plastic decorations on there with him that he could rip them on or was he moved roughly. Does he have a filter on there? It looks like a little bowl which is not good for a betta. A 5 gallon tank is really the smallest a betta should use long term. Once he gets back in a decent size tank with regular water changes his fins should start healing
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    Unfortunately, pictures aren't posting on this forum right now so can't see your betta.
    First problem: you didn't treat the water for chlorine. Chlorine burns, definate chemical problem for him.
    Second: you are going to have to cycle the 10 gallon tank. That will take months with a single fish. Get a big bottle of Prime when you go get the new tank.
    OR You could invest in a smaller tank (2 1/2 to 5 gallon) with a heater and filter for him and do 75% water changes every other day while you fast cycle the new 10 gallon tank with ammonia and TSS.
    Third: No, just plopping him in a new uncycled 10 gallon tank doesn't guarantee he'll be okay. The tank needs to be cycled, heated, filtered and chlorinated domestic water needs to be dechlorinated every time it's added to the tank. Tank water needs to be tested, especially new tanks, for awhile at least until they're stable and the fish is okay.
    We can help you cycle your new tank but you need
    1. a good liquid test kit (API Master test kit is a good one)
    2. Seachem Prime or API ammolock while cycling
    3. a good filter and heater.