My Betta Is Acting Strange/fungus?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Naiomi, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. NaiomiNew MemberMember

    IMG_1083.JPGRenderedContent-D7BA46BC-4DA0-464E-945F-11DFACAEF98D.JPGRenderedContent-9D59F99D-B245-499C-83E7-36D7BC6F7AB9.JPGRenderedContent-C698B3E6-B14D-482D-85B4-E1EBA0487E01.JPGRenderedContent-5A9452FB-311B-44C0-83DE-FD5700E75CCB.JPG Hello, I am new here for my first betta fish, Blues. I got him about almost two weeks ago when I saw him sad and alone in the pet store. he has been living in 1g tank with 25w heater while I am preparing for his 5g home. Yesterday when I am ready to move him, I found white cotton thread like stuffs floating in the water and attached to his tail. So I rushed to pet store and bought fungus guard recommended by the store. I washed everything with hot water and changed/conditioned the water and put the medication in. The white things are gone and Blues seems more active. Today, the tank seems cloudy no more white stuffs and there is a giant poop(it is not food). And he spit out his breakfast (I feed him one at the time and he barely eat the first one) I have many questions and I am very serious about taking care of Blues. 1. How do I know the fungus is gone to transfer him to new home? 2. When should I use fungus guard again or change water? 3. Is the giant poop is because I feed him too much or he is sick? (The Tetra floating mini pellets says 3-4 twice a day and I have him 3 twice a day) 4. I will take couple pictures of Blues and I want to know if he has any other problems like fin rot or velvet (last night flash light shows gold skin on his belly) last picture is his new home and has been running for few days. Thank you so much for your time! I really don't want him to be sick!
  2. DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    His 1gal tank isn't filtered nor cycled? How often have you been doing water changes and how much?

    After you cleaned the entire tank with hot water you probably killed off all the bacteria that breaks down the fish waste into less toxic things, so if he is acting odd/not eating it could be because the ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate levels are too high. I would do a quick 50% water change first.

    If you have a way to test your water for ammonia, nitrates, nitrites then please do and post the results. I don't know if you know about the Nitrogen cycle, so if you don't you might want to take a look into it as it is the main thing that will cause issues in fish if it is over looked.

    I see no visible signs of illness, so don't bother treating with the fungus guard again. In the 3rd pic he looks a bit bloated/fat and it sounds like you might be feeding him a bit much. Keep in mind that the pellets expand with water and he is still a pretty young guy, so I would cut down to 2 pellets twice a day and fast him once a week.
  3. NaiomiNew MemberMember

    RenderedContent-B03392F0-424A-4EC3-81F1-7A1389609D03.JPG thank you so much for your reply! The 1g tank I using right now is not filtered nor cycled. I changed water once a week 50 % at the time and twice so for ( I found white things in the tank yesterday and it was a day after the second water change) I also always wash everything in the tank and put them back in.

    Ok I will do a 50% water change first!

    The attached picture is the test I just did on the 1g and the 5g is about the same result but the alkalinity reading is a little darker more ideal on the chart.

    I just read few sites about nitrogen cycle and I have no idea about it! Seems complicated and I am little confused about how you can prepared a tank without fish already in there? I thought the preparing a tank is running everything like there's fish in there for days like I did with the 5g tank, I feel very silly now!

    I will def feed him 2 twice a day and fast once a week. Also I heard it is good to soak the pellets a little bit before feeding. Is it nessasary?

    I am so unsure now about my new tank not just if fungus will transfer in there but if that tank even ready for Blues. I will read more about the nitrogen cycle and please throw any tips and recommendations to me! Thank you for your time! I really appreciated!
  4. PolyrhythmValued MemberMember

    It looks like you have a touch of nitrites which could be affecting him.

    You can do a fishless cycle with an ammonia source, many dose pure ammonia (no color/scents), or you can do a fish-in cycle using a bottled bacteria supplement like Tetra Safestart.

    With no filter in such a small tank I'd do more than 1 change during the week .
  5. NaiomiNew MemberMember

    image.jpg thank you so much Polyrhythm! I used safestart and easy balance for the new tank! Is that means I can move Blues?
  6. PolyrhythmValued MemberMember

    You'll want to move him there if you already added the TSS, that way your cycle can start (iirc it takes around a couple weeks to do a fish-in cycle with TSS). He'll be a lot happier with more space too.
  7. NaiomiNew MemberMember

    Thank you very much. I just did, he is happy but he was freaking out because he can see himself in the reflection from glass tank when I have the tank led lights on. I am searching online now what I can do to fix it or if he will calm down if he will realize it just glass? I remember I heard too much "puff up" will stress betta fishes.
  8. DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    Keeping him in the 1gal tank isn't going to do him any good as neither tank is cycled. You may as well move your boy to the 5gal as it will be easier to maintain and keep him healthy while you go through the Nitrogen cycle. Adding the Safe Start isn't going to cycle the tank, but it will get it going. You will need to do water changes more than once a week until the bacteria colonies get established in the filter media. Keeps testing the water daily and if there is even a tiny bit of nitrite then do a 50% water change.

    The test strips don't seem to test for ammonia and if there are nitrite then there will also be ammonia which is also harmful to fish. You have zero nitrates which further indicates the tank isn't cycled. A cycled tank will have at least some nitrates, usually around 20. You should get some sort of test that does ammonia as well, I recommend the API master test kit, which is super accurate and tests for ammonia, nitrite, nitrates, and pH. Once you get the tank cycled you only have to do once a week water changes.

    As for the fungus, it might not of actually been fungus. If it was floating in the water then I doubt it was fungus, the stuff that was attached to him could of just got snagged on his fins and stuck there. Usually fungus in bettas (excluding fin rot which is usually black and on fin edges) will effect the fins and you will see bits of the fin being covered in fuzz and then it will fall off. Fungal issues only arise due to bad water quality and stress, so as long as the water stays warm, stable and fresh you shouldn't have any problems.
  9. NaiomiNew MemberMember

    Thank you so much for your help, I learned a lot. I will get the API master test kit, I was just looking online for the ammonia testing strips after I read more about the cycle. Now I just need to figure out how to relax Blues when he sees himself from glass reflection. Do you have that kind of issues with glass tank before? Thank you. :)
  10. Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    Good to hear your are going for the API master kit, WAY more accurate, and you need something that will measure ammonia as well :)
    I read through the above but didnt see anything about a water conditioner, are you using something to get rid of chlorine from your tap water? If not you will need some, I recommend Seachem Prime.

    Keep an eye on your Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate levels, daily since you have a fish in there. Do water changes to keep your ammonia and nitrite levels in check, Once you see these two stay at zero without needing a water change to do so, and you Nitrates start to rise you are cycled :)

    As for the reflection thing, I had a beta that had that issue, I never did find a solution, he just stopped caring after a while. If he is flairing so much that he is stressing out maybe turn the light off and just have ambient light from the room, that should cut down on the reflection inside the tank.
  11. NaiomiNew MemberMember

    :) thank you. I am using tetra easybalance plus and safestart plus. I've read about the prime and I think I will get the master kit and prime from Amazon unless I can find them at pet store tmr. So, once the tank is cycled, do I only do water change when nitrite and ammonia is not 0? Or on schedule change 20-30% weekly? And when I change water, do I put both safestart plus and prime in the new water and then add them in? Do I wait a little before put the new water in? I just want to make sure I do everything right!
    Thank you for the reflection tip, I am going to see tmr when the room is bright and see how to adjust the lighting for the reflection. Thanks again! :)
  12. Chloe676New MemberMember

    Definitely not velvet, he obviously just has a naturally gold belly. My fish had velvet and the weakest one was dead within 12 hours of me realising. Blues is super cute, good luck with your cycling!
  13. NaiomiNew MemberMember

    Thank you very much. I am sorry for your fish. Blues says thank you too :)
  14. Chloe676New MemberMember

    Once the tank is cycled you won't see any ammonia or nitrites, and you only will need to do a water change once a week. I'm not sure how much though because I only own goldfish and would imagine bettas water change schedule is different
  15. NaiomiNew MemberMember

    Thanks, Once a week is perfect, I like to be on schedule :D