My betta has been sick for more than one month and I don't know what he has

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by parisianaccent, Dec 4, 2012.

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    I bought my betta Poseidon about 2 months ago. He was gorgeous. He came in a small tank. Once I think the heater went too high and I changed the water right away to make it about 76 Fahrenheit. He was fine afterwards. But these kind of small tanks are too difficult to handle for temperatures and ammonia. Sometimes the water went down to 72 degres F, and the amonia up to 0.50. I changed water every day. I realized Poseidon became sick, with some white at the end of his fins, then the ends were like twisted and then his fins became clamped, tight to his body. I thought he would feel better in a larger cycled tank.
    Then, I cycled a 10 gallons tank to put my two bettas (the other one is not sick) with a divider. After being cycled (one month), I put my two bettas in the thank. Unfortunaltely, Poseidon hurt his fin on the top of a betta log (I am so mad to have bought something that is too rough for bettas, though it is supposed to be done for them!). Then my poor betta lost the end of the top fin. He became paler (he is red) and his fins were so tight to his body that I don't know how he still can swim. Also the fins are so clamped that he does not look like a betta anymore!
    I put him in a quarantine tank. Tried Maracyn 1 and Maracyn 2, then Kanaplex, then Metranodazole but nothing helps. He still looks for food when I come close by but most of the time he lays at the bottom, in a corner.
    I don't know whether the medicine makes him worse.
    PLEASE HELP. WILL he ever recover his fins at this stage?

    Thank you for your advice.
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    Hi, Parisian and Welcome to FishLore! :)

    I noticed that you have not filled out your "About Me" in your profile. Click on "Settings" in the top right corner. When the Settings page loads, click on "Edit Profile". When that page loads, be sure to fill in as much as you can about your tank(s). It will help other members assist with resolving your issues.

    What do you use to test your water parameters? If you are using any test strips, I'd advise ceasing on using them as they are highly inaccurate. I'd suggest using the API Master Liquid Testing Kits. You can usually get them at your local LFS, but they are a bit cheaper online (amazon,  , etc).

    If you aren't familiar with the nitrogen cycle, I'd suggest you reading that as well. You can click on the underlined (nitrogen) and it will lead you to the page of information about it.

    How many and how often are you performing partial water changes? How much (percentage wise) are you changing? Are you vacuuming the substrate when doing so each time, or?

    I don't mean to overwhelm you with questions, but it's vital to know when a member is attempting to help resolve your issue. Too, that's why it is important to fill in your "About Me".

    No.1 - You are putting too many medications in the tank without giving them time to react or see if the medication is doing any good. What size of tank do you have the betta in?

    No.2 - It sounds like he has fin rot on top of not doing well in the parameters of the water. I'd at least have him in a 3-5 Gallon Tank minimum. A betta would do much better in about 5 Gallons. Some have even had them in a 10-15 Gallon Tank, but that's a preference.

    Others might chime in to help.

    Alex :)
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    What water conditioner are u using? How long did you use each mediction? What is the temp of the QT tank? What do u test your water with? Is there any way you could get a pic or video of him?Sorry for all the questions but I have to know to get a better understand of what can be causing it.