My Betta Has a Few White Spots, Is This Ich?

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by sevenmemesofrhye, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. sevenmemesofrhyeValued MemberMember

    Hi, all.

    I went to go give my betta his evening meal, and I noticed he has a few (3) white spots near his eye. One is a little bit bigger than the other 2. There's nothing in the tank that could scratch him up, he lives with a snail who keeps to himself, and the filter looks fine, although I guess I could change it.

    The parameters are:
    • 78 degrees F
    • 6.7 pH (Do I need to up it to 7.0?)
    • Right around 0.5-0.10 ammonia level
    • I don't have test kits for nitrite and nitrate
    • The water is clear, but there's a few uneaten pellets on the bottom (I tend to give feed a little bit more, for the snail) and he's eating fine. He gets pellets twice daily, and sometime he'll get freeze-dried worms as a treat.

    I talked with my dad, who used to keep fish around 30 years ago, and he said it looks just like when his oscar had ich. I would like to get a second opinion on this. Do you think he has ich, or is it something else? Is he doomed to die, or is there something I can do? I know my dad said all of his oscars who had ich lived, but I know oscars are much bigger fish, and thus they can take more.

    Here's a couple of photos, although they aren't particularly good, since he was moving around a lot-

    They aren't very good, but you can clearly see the bigger spot.
  2. Airth

    AirthValued MemberMember

    If the white spots look like grains of salt then yes, it's most likely ich. If this is ich, I'd recommend using the heat treatment over medicines. Gradually bump your heater up to 86 degrees. Keep it steady at 86 for 2 weeks with daily partial water changes and gravel vacuuming. During this time also add an airstone to increase aeration (or leave a larger gap between the filter out take and water level). After the 2 weeks, gradually reduce heat back to normal temp.
  3. OP

    sevenmemesofrhyeValued MemberMember

    My heater is preset at 78 degrees, and I can't change it. Are there any other methods that would work without needing to get another heater that isn't preset?
  4. Airth

    AirthValued MemberMember

    The only other one is medicine which, in my experience, often causes more stress to the fish. Some meds can wipe out the beneficial bacteria as well. The 2 times I tried ich meds, none of my fish made it. I've had no problems using heat treatment. An adjustable heater would be my first choice but if you want to chance the meds instead, that's up to you. =)
  5. OP

    sevenmemesofrhyeValued MemberMember

    Alright, thanks. I have a heater in my 10 gal that I can change the temp on, Should I switch them? My only concern with that would be that the heater in the 10 would be too big for the 5, unless I lay it sideways. Do you think that would work?
  6. Airth

    AirthValued MemberMember

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