My Betta Fish Is Struggling To Eat

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    I have had a female betta fish named Shippy for 2 1/2 years. About a month ago she got fin rot and a white sore appeared on her fin. I treated it with Jungle Fungus Clear and Seachem Kanaplex, but I'm not sure it's completely gone. The white sore is gone now but one of her fins has a strange shape. Her eyes have been looking foggy lately and I worry that she may be going blind.

    She's still energetic and lively, but has extreme difficulties catching the food pellets I've always fed her with. She has a lot of trouble lining herself up to get the food, and when she tries to lunge at it she misses. I've tried lots of different things, but haven't had much success. I've tried holding the food in place with my finger at the surface of the water, I tried turning the filter off, I put a row of pellets at the edge of the tank so they stay by the glass and don't move, and I've tried putting several of them in to make it easier, but she just has so much trouble grabbing the food. She often struggles for awhile trying to eat, and then gets tired and loses interest. Before I fed her 3 pellets at noon and 2 at midnight, but now she eats 3 on a good day and sometimes can't get any at all.

    I checked the water parameters today and found ammonia and nitrite were at 0.25ppm and nitrate was about 5ppm. I do water changes weekly and use API stress coat +. She lives in a 20 gallon tank. I always pick out the food pellets that she doesn't eat.

    I'm wondering if her messed up fins are making it so she can't steer herself properly. I also think it might be because of her eyesight, but I'm not sure what's causing the problem or what I should do. It's really sad to see her struggle so much to eat. Should I medicate her again? Do you think it would help to change to a different food like flakes that would be bigger and easier to nibble on? I don't know what to do. :(

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    Unfortunately ur beneficial bacteria isn't supporting the bioload of ur tank. Poor water quality is linked to an array of illnesses bc it lowers the fishes immune system. The cloudy eye is linked to bacterial infection. The misshapen fins may be due to poor water quality. I recommend water changes matching temp and pH to get the ammonia to 0ppm. I also recommend purchasing Prime by Seachem. Prime conditions water as well as detoxifying ammonia, nitrite and nitrate at 1ppm for 24 hours. A little syringe for feeding may help u feed him as u can shoot the food directly near his mouth.
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