My Betta broke his teeth???

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Bettatastic, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. BettatasticNew MemberMember

    I usually feed him Betta pellets but as a "special treat" I gave him bloodworms the other day, since I didn't want to touch them I picked them up with long tweezers and fed them to thing I know he attacks the bloodworms/tweezer so hard it literally yanked my hand! Around the same time he stopped eating, he goes for his pellet but he pushes it around with his closed he cannot open his mouth and then gives up...Now I am wondering if he might have injured his teeth/jaw while attacking the tweezers??
    I researched and came across about "cotton mouth" which is a fungal infection, I inspected him and he does a have a white fluffy grain size growth on his tail (had to see he is white/pink and a Dumbo Ear with huge fins...
    So, I got some anti fungal and anti-bacterial medicine from API that can be given in combination, I also removed the mystery snail since I have added salt.
    He looks a bit perkier but still seems to be unable to eat...this morning (day 3) he did manage to get a pellet inside his lips but it came back out and he gave up again...
    Could he have injured his teeth? If so, what can I do?

    He is in a planted, filtered 5 gallon tank (since I've added salt it will be plant free
    Sand substrate, driftwood, rocks
    Water perimeters all fine, temperature: 80 F
    only tank mate was snail which is now removed...
    He is about 7 month old

  2. DadioWell Known MemberMember

    have you tried soaking the pellets first? If he has injured his bite, then at least with soaking his pellets it will make it easier. My betta does that same when I use tweezers but I move it slowly away from him or as soon as he is close I let go of the bloodworm.

  3. BettatasticNew MemberMember

    I wish I had known he would do that...when I give him pellets he gently picks them up from my finger but he went bananas on the looks like he can not open his mouth at all and the pellets are soaked/soft...since he has a fungus spot on his tail I am hoping it may be cotton mouth...?

  4. DadioWell Known MemberMember

    Can you get a picture? Oh, welcome to fishlore :)
  5. BettatasticNew MemberMember

    Picture of the mouth or the growth on tail?
    I will try when I get home
  6. EricVFishlore VIPMember

    Both preferably.
  7. BornThisWayBettasFishlore VIPMember

    Welcome to Fish Lore!!!

    It does sound like he might have some sort of fungal infection, but as for the mouth, I think it's most likely that he either hurt himself and is too sore to try again, or he got just hurt enough that he's wary of the pellets. I agree, pictures of both could help. :)
  8. BettatasticNew MemberMember

    thanks, will take some pictures, I've read some people temporarily "put fish asleep" with clove oil to investigate more closely...I just don't want to go there and think it would be too stressful for him anyways..
  9. BettatasticNew MemberMember

    took me a minute how to figure out how to add pics.
    The side view is where the fuzzy spot is on his tail.
    Just tried to feed him but again no luck, he went after the food but kept pecking right next to it..therefore missing it and then gave up. I did see his lips move though to blow a bubble..

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  10. BettatasticNew MemberMember

    While i was watching him with a magnifying glass he came up and opened his mouth like he was yawning, it is all white inside!!!
    I guess we have cotton mouth?
    I have been using Melafix and Pimafix for the past 2 days, should i continue or use something else? Anybody have experience with cotton mouth?
    Please help, his name is Buddha and i am very attached :-(
  11. DadioWell Known MemberMember

    Careful with Melafix as this is tea trea oil formulation and it can hurt them in large doses. Also, make sure the temp does not rise above 80F as this sickness becomes more active in high temperatures from what I've read.

    This works in many cases along with medication such as API Furan-2 or Seachem Kanaplex. Add 1tsp/gallon aquarium salt or as a replacement 3/4 tsp Himalayan salt per gallon. Pre-dissolve the salt first so it won't burn your fish. Add one dose of salt mixture every 12 hours until you reach three times what you started with, in other words 3 tsp/gallon infused over 3 12hr intervals. I'm no expert on sicknesses but from what I've been reading over the last hour this seems to be the most common method treating bettas for this.

    Tea tree oil can coat and damage the labyrinth organ of bettas or any fish that breathes as such. If you must use it, cut the dosage in half to help lower the risk of hurting your betta.

    Hang in there as I'm sure some of the guru's will chime in soon.
  12. BettatasticNew MemberMember

    Thanks Dadio!!
    I checked my LFS none of them carries Furan-2 so i placed an oder on amazon with speedy shipping, supposed to get here no later than sunday.
    Should i stop using melafix and Pimafix and just start with the Furan when it gets here or continue?
    Should i do a 50 WC to get the old meds out of the system before i start with the new meds?
    Thanks again!
  13. DadioWell Known MemberMember

    If I was you I would stop using that unless another member with good experience with sicknesses chimes in and says otherwise. I would do 15 - 25% water change over the course of 2-3 days. (meaning each day). You may also want to clean your filter on the last day or before you start with the new treatment. This gives him a chance to rest a bit as well. Meds can be very trying on anything living IMO, so breaks away from them are also good. I've rarely had sicknesses with any of my stock including my koi so my hands-on experience is very limited but my common-sense and not getting into panics are very helpful. Be patient as there is no over-night cure, but given the right treatment, time will heal.

    Do you have any other fish in the tank? If you do I would seriously think about an isolation tank because it can be transmitted to others if in fact this is cottonmouth which I'm 90% sure it is. My betta goes hyper when I feed him frozen foods(not freeze-dried) and I too use tweezers and yes they attack, that's in their nature but I've never heard of a fish with broken teeth unless a serious trauma has happened where I doubt that this is even possible when feeding any kind of fish.
  14. BettatasticNew MemberMember

    Thanks, i stopped the medicine and will do water change before starting with the new. Luckily he is the only fish in that tank. I have another 30 gallon tank but each tank has their own supplies (syphon etc.) And always wash hands in between, there is no sign of illness in the 30 gallon:)
  15. BettatasticNew MemberMember

    Did the recommended 2 doses of furan, placed a carbon filter now. Betta is still doingthe same thing, going after food but can't eat it..should i repeat treatment? At my wits end...i also added aquarium salt and an almond leaf. Whe will he die of starvation...its been a week since he ate :-(
  16. EricVFishlore VIPMember

    He'll be fine for at least another week or two as far as starvation goes. Fish can go a long time without eating with no ill effect.
  17. jt921020New MemberMember

    I would break the pellet in two pieces (If you manage to do it) and soak the pieces in dechlorinated water before giving them to him. That way, they'll be a bit less hard to eat. :)
  18. BettatasticNew MemberMember

    Thanks, I am dissolving a bunch of pellets in a spoonful of his tank water and then mush it to a paste and drop it in the tank. He is going at it but not sure he is actually eating any (I haven't seen any poop in his I guess he is still not eating).
    The Furan did nothing. His fungus spot is till on his tail!
    I have just started Kanapex...last resort, we are at 1 1/2 weeks not eating at this point..
  19. BettatasticNew MemberMember

    Update in case someone ever runs into the same's been over a month and he is still alive :)
    I used kanaplex for cotton mouth but maybe he didnt have it after all...he still has the eating- mouth issue so i dissolve a punch of pellets, mush them up and drop the "sauce" where he is hanging out, he manages to "suck" up very tiny pieces and sometimes scoops them from the sand using his mouth like a shovel..
    i did some extensive research and found some sites in thailand where they use the bettas for fighting...i know it's horrible...anyway the breeders talked about them losing teeth and jaw injuries from fighting...teeth will grow back but not as good as the first set was, not as sharp (which is why they only use the fish to fight one time..)
    Just FYI in case someone runs into this issue. Mine is still alive and other than the eating issue pretty normal :)
  20. Bijou88Well Known MemberMember

    Glad to hear he's trying to eat, that's encouraging! :)

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