My bamboo shrimp is acting weird - or is he?

  1. Nonie Ritz Castro Initiate Member

    He (she?) is rubbing his belly with his legs, hunching up when he does it, he's not fanning, but seems to be eating some of the frozen brine shrimp that falls to the substrate.

    I just moved everybody to a new tank. My 30 gallon sprung a leak, so I got a new 20 gallon (downsizing) and cycled it for about 5 days. (I couldn't wait too much longer, even with wads of duct tape, the leak in the old tank was getting critical.)

    In the old tank - he'd sit in the current from the filter and eat. In the new tank, he's still seeking out the current, but he just sits there.

    The ammonia level is zero, the PH is 7.5 (the old tank was at 7.0).

    I made a video of this belly rubbing behavior:

    Any advice would be welcome!
    Thank you so much
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Did you move the old media and anything else from the old tank to the new? What did you do to "cycle" the new tank before moving the fish over?
  3. Nonie Ritz Castro Initiate Member

    I'm using the original ("dirty") filter system and filter. I moved some of the plants from the old tank. I got new substrate, and new decorations.

    I used 10 gallons of new water, and 10 gallons of water from the old tank.

    PS - All the other inhabitants are fine. One betta, two cory cats, two ottos, 6 tetras.
  4. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Great, so you had an instant cycle by doing that:)

    Is it possible that the shrimp is preparing for a molt and just hasn't sussed out a good hiding spot in the new place?
  5. Nonie Ritz Castro Initiate Member

    Oh, yeah - that may be it. There aren't really any caves in the new tank. He's spending about half the time on the floor under some leaves (real plants), and half zooming around the tank, or in the bubbles.

    I installed a "waterfall" decoration that has bubbles coming out of the top. He LOVES sitting in the bubble flow. He'll stay there for hours.

    One time I caught him almost IN the filter. Like - what are you doing, dude? I scooted him away and he hasn't tried that since. I think he was trying to get back to the old tank. :(

    I feel so bad for him. Or her.
  6. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    You might want to put a sponge over the filter intake to protect any future adventurers;)
  7. Nonie Ritz Castro Initiate Member

    A sponge? I hadn't thought of that - that's a great idea. What kind of sponge? Plain old sponge or something special?
  8. Nonie Ritz Castro Initiate Member

  9. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Just Google "sponge prefilter" and you'll get some ideas and you can pick the one that fits your filter best. There are ones you can buy or you can make your own.

    As for coconuts, I've never used them in a tank but I have used coconut fibre matting! It may add some tannins to your water so if you don't like yellow-brown water it may not be for you but boiling first may remove most of that. Personally I like the look of tannins:)