My baby piranha may be dying? HELP! PLZ

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by stealthninjaforces, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. stealthninjaforcesNew MemberMember

    I just got 4 baby piranha about 2-3 days ago. They are in a 10 gallon tank right now. I went to sleep last night n they were fine. When I woke up this morning I could only find 3 of them and couldn't find the 4th.

    Turns out he was stuck to the filter. After getting him off he was not swimming well and looked a little beat up. Almost as if the others may have taken bites out of his back n bottem fins. What should I do? Should I put him in a Gladware container to seperate him til he heals? He is having trouble swimming at first. Now he is just chilling at the bottem of the tank hiding in the rocks (which is what they have all been liking to do)

    They are very small. About the size of a dime and slightly smaller. They wont even eat the guppy that's in there yet.

    Please help! Thanks :)

    Sorry I do not have any water test kits right now. All the water that is in the tank is right from the fish store though. We brought about 10 gallons home from the tank they were already in.
  2. catsma_97504Fishlore LegendMember

    Welcome to Fishlore.

    Starting up a new tank with used tank water does nothing to cycle it unfortunately.

    Do you have any water conditioner? You need to be doing large water changes, 30-50%, daily until your tank cycles. The best water conditioners are Seachem Prime or Kordon AmQuel with NovAqua. Both products not only condition water to make it safe for fish, but they detox nitrogen waste.

    Until you can purchase your own liquid test kit you will need yo take a water sample to a LFS. Most test for free. Write down each result. The exact PPM reading. Don't let them tell you all is well or attempt to sell you products.

    Also as you are unfamiliar with the nitrogen cycle, click on the blue underlined words. Ask as many question as necessary until you understand it.

    Hope you enjoy the forum.
  3. OP

    stealthninjaforcesNew MemberMember

    Thank you. This helps. So do you think its the water? Or the fact that the other piranha are eating him? I took him out. The other fish seem to be doing fine. Unfortuanatly I am in a small town. I am going to try and get to walmart in the next day or two. i may be able to have a friend stop and get some stuff and bring it today if she is not busy. Do they sell that kind at walmart? Is there anything else I "need"
  4. Lexi03Well Known MemberMember

    Some walmarts carry the API liquid test kits, others do not( mine doesn't) I have never seen prime or kordon declorinators at walmart (I get Prime at Petsmart) , if you don't have one you will need a gravel vac, and a bucket.
  5. luke355027355027Well Known MemberMember

    Piranahs get. Huge like 2 foot plus a 10 gallon will stunt them unforrtunately you need a bigger tank like 150 gallon minimum. Unless you plan to get them a bigger tank they will not live much longer. If you plan to get a larger tank I would reccomend doing some research before
  6. OP

    stealthninjaforcesNew MemberMember

    Yea im going to get them a bigger tank in the next 1-2 months. I have had one before its just been 15 years. he was about 6 inches. Right now as small as they are a 10 gallon should be fine. the can get about 3-5 inches by 9 months.
  7. luke355027355027Well Known MemberMember


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