My axolotol tank

Dawned on me I haven't shared my axolotol set up on here so here it is.

This aquarium was entirely my partners idea and was the tank and setup with Burt the male wild type axolotol was purchased from our lfs for a very fair price.

It's a ciano 80.. 16 gallon long which is what they recommended even though I'm fairly sure he will be rehomed when full grown. I added a shoal of 6 white cloud minnows as an experiment and they coexist very well!

The substrate is slate chips which I'm not sure was a good idea but works OK. A bare bottom tank was what lfs said but the axolotol had no grip. Sand and gravel is easily ingested so I decided it wasn't worth the risk.

Everything in the tank is artificial and the lighting is very subdued just my phone makes it look bright.


I like the way that slate substrate looks.

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