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    Hey everybody!

    I am at a crossroads. With me picking up additional shifts at work, and college starting late next month I have to decide where majority of my time goes. I have a 55 gallon tank, with a array of mix match fish. I made the mistake as a new aquarium owner to follow Petsmarts guide of aggressiveness and find a good balance. To my amazment I have had no problems and my tank has been thriving for over a year now.

    2 tinfoil barbs 4/5 inches big.
    3 tiger barbs
    1 rainbow shark
    1 jack dempsey
    1 white fish, some sort of cichild(gift)
    2 giant danios
    1 austrialian rainbow
    2 skirt tetras
    1 opaline gourami
    Couple Gold Fish
    A Pleco 3ish inches.

    All get along great! It's really odd, the jack dempsey is kinda lazy bum. The white fish is really chill. The rainbow runs the tank but rarely has to chase anybody.

    Any hoot. I am not really wanting to get rid of my tank because, I can always get back into the hobby. I was curious if anybody knew of a pet store here in Indianapolis that takes fish back? I would love to get in store credit or something like that, but if it gets closer to time I will suffer my loss. Specks on Fox road doesn't. Petsmart on Washington Street doesn't, Petco doesn't on 96th street. Uh Uncle Bills was going over a remodel on Washington street so they weren't really helpful last time I was there.

    Any suggestions or advice is appreciated!


    I feel like a idiot. This isn't just Indiana forum :/. Well bummer sorry about this post

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    First off, Welcome to Fishlore!

    Don't feel bad! We can still help, non-locally. Craigslist is a great place to go for re-homing fish. Also, if you can find a local fish club, there is probably someone there who can take them in. Other than that, selling them on aquabid could work if you know how to ship.