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Hi all,

I am still new to keeping fish and I love it. I love the science of it, the beauty of it, their personalities. It's fantastic.

(I'm sorry it's so long, I do try not to do that but it's an ongoing problem )

We started out with an outdoor pond and goldfish, who are all still awesome and thriving, and gradually we have added aquariums. My daughter has two, one with a betta and a catfish, the otherwith a female betta - a beautiful pink and purple one. Stunning.

My son has one that houses our baby guppies while they grow.

My aquarium is the community tank and that's the one I want to ask about. In it, I have three female mollies, two completely manic albino cories (Marilyn and Doris), nine neon tetras, three white cloud minnows, one male guppy, one orange platy with a black upper lip so she's called Fishler (fish that looks like Hitler) and four teeny surprise baby guppies. I accidentally killed the other 22 two nights ago and that's in another thread

It's only 70L (19 gallons) so I KNOW it's overstocked. This happened because my son's first aquarium cracked right across the base and I had to rescue all of his fish and add them to my tank.

Please be assured, the fish are happy and healthy, the water parameters are perfect, I take very good care of it and I'm saving up for a much, much bigger tank - promise! It has a mix of live and fake plants - four live and three fake.

So, my questions:

1. Is it overcrowded with plants and ornaments? I think it's beautiful but as there are also a lot of fish, it could have too much other stuff in it.

2. Once we have a (much) larger tank, I would like to put my daughter's female betta in it. Bad or good idea?

3. I use Seachem and Fluval products. For the plants, Seachem Flourish - good idea or pointless?

4. I feed them twice a day. I use Hikari micro pellets and micro wafers (not both at once), the occasional sinking wafer for the cories, and First Bites for the babies. I do not overfeed - I used to. I don't anymore. Should I add in any fresh food? I.e. the odd peeled pea. Or will that make the water dirty?

I think that's it! Thank you for getting this far. Photo attached.


Your tank is amazing!

If the water parameters are fine then it’s not overstocked. I wouldn’t add anything else in there yet. In terms of swimming space the tank may be a little overstocked, but the parameters are under control. The plants look beautiful and the fish would agree. Removing them will make the fish less secure as there’d be less hiding spots. I wouldn’t change the scape at all.

Adding the female betta likely won’t work because judging from the photo the water current is strong; bettas prefer weak currents. A strong current will harm them.

I can’t answer the third question. The only Seachem product I use is Prime. I got some crypts yesterday and I just fed each one a single root tab. Users here suggested I feed them every two months while LFS said to feed them the tabs once and never again. Plant feeding is a topic I’m a little stumped on too.

I’m not too sure about how to add peas in either. This is a vegetable that hobbyists usually feed to fish with swim bladder problems. If I’m reading your post right there’s no fish in the tank that would eat blanched zucchini, cucumber or carrot slices. What species is the catfish in the betta tank?

Hope this helps. :happy:
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Thank you! I love it, I must admit. I spend far too long staring at it and sucking up fish poo and dirt from the substrate through a ginormous dropper - it's so satisfying but everyone else thinks I'm gross

Here are the other tanks. You can see the female betta down in the corner, she's just stunning. I don't like her in that small tank though, which is why I want to move her.

The babies' tank is simple but they're thriving - they're hard to photograph because every time they see me they go berserk because they're expecting food


Another amazing and practical scape right there!

Five gallons is the minimum for a single betta. How large is her tank?
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Definitely not 5, only 2.5. So I'm moving her asap. She looks much bigger than she actually is in that pic.

I am actually cycling a 40 gallon pond at the moment for the guppy babies. It's in our courtyard so it's sheltered, undercover and will be heated. When that's ready, the guppies will be big enough to go in it and I'll be moving the betta to their current tank, which is a good size.

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