My angelfish is clear

Discussion in 'Angelfish' started by SuzanaBanana, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. SuzanaBananaValued MemberMember

    I have read that sometimes with stress and lighting changes, some angelfish's color can change.

    When i saw the angelfish @ my lfs, he was grey.
    We brought him home, (and idk if it was the stress from the move) but he turned clear.

    He has been with us for over a month now, but still has not gone back to his original color.

    Sometimes he is completely clear, and other times he has darker fins, and a dark stipe on his body.

    Im worried that the stress has done some permanent damage to him.

    My water paramaters are great, and he seems to get along with my other 2 angelfish (seems like theyre a school lol)imageimage
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  2. slayer5590Well Known MemberMember

    That looks to be it's normal color and that is a beautiful angel if you ask me. The darkening of the fins and the dark stripe are just it's excited pattern. And it will get more blue in it's fins as it grows.
  3. SuzanaBananaValued MemberMember

    I love it too! Just worried that its ok.
  4. AlyeskaGirlFishlore VIPMember

    Angels that have stripes will fade due to mood/stress. She appears to have nipped dorsal and anal fin. I would be worried about that. Is she being picked on? What other fish are in the tank?
  5. SuzanaBananaValued MemberMember

    His fins have been that way since we got him from the store, theyve just never grown back
  6. SuzanaBananaValued MemberMember

    When the lights are off, his color gets darker

    Sorry for the blurry pic, he doesnt stay still lol
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  7. Calum98Valued MemberMember

    My angel fish have both had this happen aswell, been so worried because recently had a Dwarf Gourami that went grey, had popeye, scales look prickly and then died later that day, then later on the angel fish started losing their colour.
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