My Angelfish are doing the mating dance!!

Discussion in 'Angelfish' started by honeyooo, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. honeyoooValued MemberMember

    I thought they were fighting because I dont have any experience with Angels. I did a little research and they arent fighting, they are kissing(mating loll) So now what? Ive been doing some research on Angelfish and the whole process but if anyone knows of a good page for me to check out, that would be ever so helpful!! Or if anyone can tell me what I need to be looking for or what I should do. Right now our second tank is not cycled. Its not even filled with water so I dont have the option of putting them in there at the moment. It would be nice to try and save some of the wigglers or fry....still unsure about all of the Angelfish lingo.

    Silly me, I thought they were fighting lolll
  2. PhishphinWell Known MemberMember

  3. honeyoooValued MemberMember

    Actually...I cant figure out how to change the signature so that isnt correct. I did change our fish in my profile just not on the signature. I know what your concerns are asking this question though. We do have two that are about maybe a little under a year old. We will probably be trading them in here pretty soon as they are growing to big for the tank. We usually get them when they are about 2 inches or so long and then keep them for about a year before we trade them in. I love having them but they just get too big for my set up that I have now. When we first started out of course the fish store told us "they only grow so big depending on your tank size", we found out very quickly through research and them actually growing that we were lied too. So to ease your mind, yes, I am aware of the growing and having too small of a tank for them and take that in to consideration when we purchase them. Research that I did said that a plecos body may stop growing but the insides wont. I dont know if that is true or not but I dont take that chance with them. They go back once they get to be about 4 or 5 inches long.

    If you have any suggestions of other fish that we can get that will keep the tank clean I would love to hear about them!! I hate having to buy them and then take them back a year later. If I had the room Id buy one and keep it forever!! :)

    Thank you for the links, I will be checking them out now!!
  4. PhishphinWell Known MemberMember

    My top two are otos (otocinclus), which should be in schools of 5 or more, and nerite snails. The nerites are great due to their very low bio load and interest in eating most algae. Nerites will only breed in brackish water.

    If you are having algae problems, consider reducing the time the lights are on. I have mine on a timer so that they switch on when I'm home from work and stay on for about 7 hours.

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  5. honeyoooValued MemberMember

    I had one oto that recently disappeared. He was one of the first fish I ever had and he was only about an inch long, if that. Snails and the little lobster looking shrimp freak me out so I stay away from those. Maybe when we take these two back we will look in to getting a few otos. Ill have to do a little research on the different ones. I did get a response on another post about cutting back on my light time so I have been doing that. But that takes me to a new question and I have a few more as well that you may be able to help with...

    About cutting back time with the light, I have read that once the Angel lay the eggs that is better to leave the light on so the rest of the community doesnt try to eat the eggs, same with once they start to emerge from the eggs. So does that stress out the fish leaving the light on 24/7 for a few weeks? I would think it would. And what about the live plants, does it hurt them?

    I thought I had a 20 gal tank but I dont, its the 10 gal that I have. That wont be big enough to move the parent Angels to before they lay the eggs will it?

    I dont have a tank set up right now, I have run out of room in my place but I would like to go ahead and make room even if its just for a few months to try my hand at the Angel fry. What would be your suggestions for setting up a tank that would be specifically for the Angel parents and their fry? I do have 3 filters in my 55 gallon right now, the bio wheel penguin, a fluval U1 and a fluval U3(the Angels are cleaning that one so Im guessing thats where they are planning on putting their eggs, and both U1 and U3 are turned off right now). I have the heater that came with the 10 gal and I also have just a regular air pump with a thin hose. What else would I need to have a set up for just the Angels? Would the fluvals work if I put nylons over them or would I need to get a different filter?

    I think thats all the questions I have for right now lolll I know a lot of question for you but anything you can suggest would be great!! Thank you for your help!! :)

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