my angel is behaving very strange!!!!

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my angel is behaving very strange frm yestrday night
she s sitting at th bottom n nt even coming up fr his fav food
I hve changd 25% water ystrdy
n added tht yellow liquid also
pls tell wht to further I don't wanna loose my only angel

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Are you able to test your water for ammonia and nitrite? Either yourself or by taking a sample to a fish shop? How long has the tank been set up, and how long have the fish been in it? What yellow liquid did you put in? What temp is the water?

In the absence of other information, I would suggest another partial water change...this time 50%...with treated (dechlorinated) water.
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Re: no replies!!!! pls reply before its too late.......

We need more information. Is your tank cycled? How long have you had the angel? What are your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate readings? What is the yellow liquid you mentioned?

P.S. I merged three of your threads since they were both about the same thing.
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thnx fr reply
I purchased ths new tank in nov /06
I hd clean th hole tank last month only n nw only 2 mollies, 1 swrdtail n 1 angel r left...
tht yellow liquid is fr preventing any infection as fungus ,bacteria etc
she isn't eating anything till nw..
n I afraid to shift her as she is alrdy sick n it won't b easy fr her to adjust in new place..
my heater is off frm ysterday morning.(bcoz sombdy told me it cn n due to hot water..
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First of all I noticed in your signature that the tank is only 10gals. That is way too small for an adult angel. If you want to keep your angel healthy and happy, you'll need a tank of at least 30 gallons, and also you should get another angel so she will not be lonely.

How come you turned off the heater--what was the temp of the tank getting up to?

We really need to know your readings of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate readings in order to help you figure out what the problem is. You probably take a sample of your water to a fish or pet store for testing if you don't have your own test kits, but test kits are a very good investment and come in handy if you have an emergency when the petstores are not open.

You said you cleaned the tank last month. Have you been doing water changes every week? It is more important to do frequent, small water changes to maintain good water quality than to do occasional, big cleanings. In fact, sudden large cleanings can disrupt the bacteria growing in the tank which could cause spikes of ammonia--which is very stressful to fish.

You also mentioned you have 1 Sword in the tank. Is he a male or a female? Male Swords can be aggressive...have you noticed him chasing or nipping at the Angel?

Finally, can you see any outward symptoms on your Angel that would indicate disease?--Such as white spots or patches, fraying fins, sunken or bloated belly, red sores, filmy or slimy patches, etc. You said she's not eating and she's sitting on the bottom...are there any other unusual behaviors you notice in her or the other fish?

Sorry about all the questions, but they will all help us to figure out the problem so we can fix it. I hope your Angel gets better.
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I hve shifted the swordtail n male Mollie nw only small female Mollie is ther
my angel is still small if she survives I ll dfntly buy a big 30 gallon tank(her partner suddenly died last month only.((in all 8 fishes r dead n thn I promised myself I won't purchase a new fish nw))
n my female swordtail never chases angel nw only she 's nibbing angel bcoz angel is helpless
I hve switch on th heater (in ths websiteonly I red tht if angel is sitting at th bottom switch off th heater)

bt still I hve no hope th way she s behaving...
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I change th 25%b of th water weekly n sry testkits aren't available in my city((ill search it in some big city...))
so I can't tell any thing abt ammonia n nitrate

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